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  1. It is a fair way off being finished... No paint, no interior , etc etc.
  2. Engine is all in , mounted , certed...
  3. Whilst those are all cool... it's not the style I'm going for. Cheers tho.
  4. 17 Inches of update coming at ya...
  5. I'm out partying/playing in Auckland every weekend... I've never been in a fight, I very very RARELY see a fight either.
  6. Shit loads better than admitting you're from Gore... or even worse.... Hamilton - The STI Capital of NZ
  7. I thought the Camo was shit house. Looks like its been done by a 5yr old with a marker pen. Finish wise.. meh, it's naff. Go with a nice classic solid colour , accent with chrome , put some nice UNDERstated wheels on it. Done.
  8. Another Auck member here... Rocking a couple of old school datsuns. Some of you Auckland freaks may have seen the Dark Green 1200 Coupe with [PHLOSS] on the plates. Give us a wave if you see us. And Samantha , it'd be nice for an Auckland meeting , but this Auckland members are useless PS : Party at my place 1st of December.
  9. All that is cut away is getting put back , twice as strong. The whole floor has been reinforced , a brand new firewall is being made. So yes , a lot has been cut , but it's getting put back twice as good.
  10. In that picture , the engine isn't bolted in. If you look at the 2nd picture , theres about a foot in front of the engine. Once it's all bolted in , the shifter is sweet as
  11. Now the suspension is here , we can finish the front end. Honestly the 8 week wait for the front suspension was the only reason things hit a slow spot. If all goes well , and the money keeps flowing , it could be finished by early next year.
  12. Update!!!: New toys arrived today, all the way from the US of A. So bling and shiny... Mmmmmmmmmmmm shiny This is how it looks lately. Heheh... completely hidden under the bonnet. Sleeper!
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