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  1. I'm thinking of doing a bit of steam cleaning on a vehicle or two. Never done it before so not too sure what will happen. Any advice on the best place to hire one and anything I might want to know? I'm based in Tauranga.
  2. I've added a few more photos of the truck here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tqda68laphx6aqp/oVC95mef4b I was hoping to do a few things this weekend but I'm a bit pushed for space and the weather hasn't come to the party.
  3. Any questions/comments fire away...
  4. This is a fairly recent import from Cali, so nice and dry with a just a few small area's of metal needing attention. The worst being the battery tray and gutter above the windscreen. It's had a mustang engine conversion and although it's nice and straight the welding wasn't quite cosmetically up to scratch so I had the engine pulled out and the welds tidied up. Also the firewall looked like swiss cheese and had multiple holes that needed patching as well. I'm picking up the truck later this week and bringing it home with the engine in the tray. The plan is to paint the engine bay before the motor goes back in. Orange isn't exactly my ideal colour. You can find some photos here of the engine welds that needed tidying: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tqda68laphx6aqp/oVC95mef4b Plus a couple of small rusty bits to attend to. I also had some new leave springs fitted but this has raised the rear quite alot which isn't ideal.
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