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  1. Looks good in gloss black makes a change from all my mates ones that are matte black , good score
  2. Http://oldschool.co.nz/index/50044-Daves-1949-chev-sedan/ Should have posted a discussion thread earlier get some input from other people and advise on the build cheers
  3. Got out in the drive way on the weekend as the weather was mint. Had my little helper cleaning up the second hand new jaguar front end . Managed to mock the front end up and line it up were it is needed for the right wheel base next stage to mount it in , don't think vise grips will work for cert. The jag brake hoses line up with the chev's factory brake hose mounts too which is a bonus. Changing to jag front has lowered the front rails by 110mm so a good start, just need the weight of a heavy chev body on there and some engine, still undecided on engine I've got a Camaro 396 big block that needs a trans and a rebuild or do I pull the motor out of my LS400 for a reliable farely cheap to run cruiser? Yeah added some photos of the factory cross member in then picture of it with the jag mocked in.
  4. So I've finally got the 49 in the shed over the long week end. Removed all the front sheet metal to start finding drain holes and were steel once was. I have found that the left hand A-pillar to be missing a bit of structual steel at the bottom. Might explain why the left front door isn't lining up nicely . Pick up a jag front end at the right price from a paddock full of cars near Shannon. So over the next few weeks I'm going to start on the left side A-pillar sill and floor area as well as floor braces which are missing bits will post more pictures and progress over the next few weeks.
  5. Hi this is one of my projects its a 1949 chev sedan. The photos aren't the best but both front floors need replacing as there are drain holes and were the old brake master cylinder is there is now an access hole. Have got a second hand new chassis that has been sand blasted and fitted with an hq holden LSD diff so the next fun part is finding a jag front end for it. Motor is not decided at this point as it is to be a family car so my options are the 396 big block that needs rebuilding or pull apart my LS400 Lexus for an injected late model V8. Plans are for keep the body standard run the factory steel wheels with white wall flappers that are in the shed and build a 50's style hot rod. But first strip it down and repair all the rust in both front floors both sills and tail pan area under boot lid. When I first got the car it had the 216 straight 6 in it in pieces it had engine builder tags dating from the 70's so it has been a while since its been on the road. Cheers.
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