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    This. i had a eh wagon I looked at for a job that had that thick underseal coating on it, the floor looked fine from underneath, but from the inside was yuck, it had rusted badly in a lot of places but the underseal was holding it together until you poked it, it needed front and rear floor pans replacing It had rubber flooring as well so I think it just trapped moisture
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    I got a similar quote from them on a stripped car to blast and paint, just the black normal paint not the zinc stuff someone else I asked reckoned they could do it for $600 but I wanted to see how good they are first, ive seen some really shit work by underbody blast guys on imports
  3. #1 looks like the best spot, as mentioned spot 2 would be under the seat base so when the belt gets loaded it would pull the seat up/forward
  4. would it be any real advantage if it doesn't take RPM into consideration? ie if its doing 7000rpm, and its got 7psi oil pressure for some reason, its not going to cut out, and its still going to get damaged?
  5. You could do it a bit like a notch in a chassis- weld in the new part as much as you can, then cut the bit in the way out
  6. looks cool! are you going to repaint the same colour, use same wheels and engine etc?
  7. K series would be cool, but it might change your direction a bit, via snowball effect Ie I'd be surprised if a vw transaxle would survive long behind an engine that revs 2x as much and has 5x as much power Dunno what brakes it has but I assume vw? Probably not good enough for power increase Same with suspension, might be ok for 80hp kent, but the potential the k series has, may mean the car is not enjoyable if it tries to kill you at every corner
  8. Looks good. Do you have any issues with lean angle? The lower frame tubes look quite close to the ground?
  9. nice work! do you have a way of doing the zinc coating yourself? or are you on very good terms with a local business haha I like the "factory improved'' theme, that air cleaner is neat
  10. How's the milkshake situation? Ok after changing the oil?
  11. What a cool story! its great that it has been kept so nice within 1 family.
  12. It's just the common qmb139 '50'cc china scooter engine that is basically the same for all cheap chinese scooters. You can get a lot of aliexpress stuff for them It is lowered, has no rear suspension any more, it got length added so the head cleared the frame It goes a lot better than the original engine but the vibrations are not great on your gentleman's area. Probably not as bad as your harley though haha
  13. I put a different engine in mine because it was painfully slow. They are 2 speed instead of cvt I am a fatty though so your results may vary.
  14. Is the rego on hold or is it dereg?
  15. tyre shop guys ''omg safety u must always use tork wrench always what are u some kind of unprofessional?'' *Torque wrench goes click, and they keep going another 1/4 turn*
  16. To be fair, the wof manual does not have ^ those pics in it, they are in the entry certifier section. When you read the wording in the wof virm and went by that, all those examples would fail I would think
  17. Yes as long as there is no sharp edges that could damage a pedestrian
  18. Have you got something you can mount it to on the other non caliper side? Another idea, what about limiting the front travel with some sort of bump stop setup? If you got the front travel down to say 40- 50 mm max then your guard could be mounted at your original 30mm height?
  19. As far as cert goes , the suspension should droop down 40mm from ride height, ie if you jack it up via the chassis, the wheels should come down 40mm minimum. Sometimes needs to be more, depends how it drives. However 40mm droop is fuck all for a 4wd and it will probably be worse than stock off road If it was me I'd wait until you have the rest sorted, engine in , front suspension stuff done, and see where you need to go from there
  20. if that's with all the weight on, it looks wrong, like the springs have been raised too much if the shocks are standard length I would bet they either wont fit or it wont have enough droop travel
  21. you might need to give them ''encouragement'' with a pry bar as you lower the ute onto its wheels to get the shackles to go the right way, then fit the shocks, id be surprised if factory length shocks would let the suspension go far enough to over center the shackles
  22. Have you measured it with the shackle positioned correctly yet? The way it is in the photo, it will be higher than it would be with the shackles in the right spot
  23. Try it with the shock in, if it still does it you might need to cut the spring shackle mount off and move it, or get a longer leaf made, or if its borderline, make a 'stopper' to prevent it over centering like it has in the photo Common problem for Isuzus