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  1. Have hacksawed off approx 1.5 cable guides haha
  2. Lol just like 1j's only millions more fuckups
  3. Im fucked I cant make this. Suicide is the only option
  4. I'm almost stupid enough to want to supercharge with carbs too.
  5. Ahh fuck need my adjustable fronts shortened too. They adjust from the top =X Edit: they are tokico illuminas
  6. treggo

    RT's Capri

    Shit looks sweet.. Needs a more oldschool interior though less red
  7. Is it just me or is the dish between the wheels different?
  8. Are all your rubber brake hoses new? Not shot old ones bulging out? Judging by the work you do I would think they are new though lol
  9. Sweet man don't worry too much just whenever
  10. If gazza isnt keen im down like james brown
  11. How much do you want for them brother wisdom
  12. I'd be down for that shit... sans springs
  13. if i have 4 stud rims will they be able to handle the power of the new t90 turbo i just put on the capri?
  14. A guy on the internet said it was okay? Must be legit
  15. Note my interest depending on price and legalities.
  16. Disco! viewtopic.php?f=18&t=11373
  17. Fuck I'm the slackest cunt ever. Minor update and some q's.. Right well I have had the rear springs reset, Painted running gear with por15, got some adjustable front shocks and spacers made to fit them in the strut tube. Lots of new poly bush goodness, I have e30 disks waiting to be machined and volvo 4pots filed out to suit strut. Also making some adjusties on the side but no idea when they will be done. On the engine side of things I have fucked around so much its time to get that shit sorted. I'm going into Franklin cams to get a sweet billet grind cam, new followers, springs, and oil spraybar. I have some dellorto 45 dhla carbs for fueling. I have finally found someone to do some port work for me, so hopefully that all goes to plan. I'm hoping to use the car as a trackday hack do some sprints/ gymkhanas etc. What do you guys think will be the best upgrade between a 24mm caster adjustable front sway bar and adjustable gaz rear shock absorbers? both will end up being around the same price... I have lost all up to date pics will get some soon... Now I have my mojo back.. Please hastle me if nothing gets updated!
  18. All this talk is relevant to my interests. Should break it into another thread so we can ask questions about our cars etc etc..
  19. lol I will send it to you via yacht. Is it a bad idea to buy an old system off a commodore or something and use it for parts?
  20. I like your style. That actually looks rather doable. If I buy a new welder or can borrow one, I'm pretty keen to build my exhaust system.
  21. Seriously you can't go past rb30/26 on itb's Would be so worth the extra effort, and I'm a person that normally prefers original engines.
  22. Stop talking bout my crew motha fucka! wE IS aLL sTrAtE GEES fUCKn oNE N oNe NIggA
  23. Thats what I'm doing to feed the volvo's. Maybe a different case with the austin ones?
  24. Yo currently doing brake conversion. Pretty easy if you have patience and a small round file. I think the ideal volvo callipers to go for are the girling ones used with vented discs. If I remember right you don't need spacers for em if you get the vented ones. I'm using the vented ATE ones but am having a hard time finding seal kits etc for them.
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