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  1. had a mean touge down mt vic on way home.. and was choice meeting all you playaz, some for the first time.
  2. Imo tires are one of the most important parts of keeping a car safe and on the road. Using semis that are probably hard, shitty in the wet, and perform badly when not at temp instead of regular tires just to save money, is pretty retarded. Especially considering you are buying brand new sets of wheels, new coilovers etc confuses the living shit out of me.
  3. Looks good man, just get some lows, paint the roof and bumper and you will win
  4. Hey bro, you wouldn't know where a jzx81 would be wrecking/ engine mounts are would you? I'm considering buying my old manual 7m Cressida back and replacing that shit with a 1-2j when it pops.
  5. What I am is most surprised at is you spend 360 on headers, but are happy not to reap the benefits of getting them just for times sake.. The mind boggles
  6. treggo

    Wheel offset

    +20 on a 7" you would probably need to run spacers on the front.
  7. treggo

    Wheel offset

    Shouldn't have an issue fitting them man, you have positive offset wheels atm don't you? with a 7inch wide wheels you have heaaaps of room to get more negative. I have 15x8s on the back with +15 offset and still have tonnes of room either side of the wheel.
  8. The guard looks like it came out of it damn well though.
  9. Thank me later.. http://retrorides.proboards.com/index.c ... 267&page=2
  10. Might just drive down to save ya hassle. Next time
  11. Any shore homos driving past Albany for lifts? haha Either way I shall attend this
  12. I love this, the height and even the balloons. looks tough
  13. Cheers, yeah you are quite right I did mean 306. Good to hear that its good on track, I'm not looking to blow minds, just have a few giggles. Have you had any reliability woes?
  14. How do you find your daily 206 gti6? They look like a nice alternative to something like a type r? I read earlier in the thread that you took it to a trackday, how did that go? Sorry for all the questions but wanna hear about some first hand experience before even thinking about going french!
  15. That interior is so familiar haha love the shit out of it. Fuck 1uz fuck 2j just get an ecu some hectic cams and itbs for current stz
  16. I'm gonna be in chch around the 3rd so might hang around for road trip down the South Island if anyone wants to give me a ride back up to Auckland from Palmy? just gotta check assignment due dates and shiit
  17. Damn thats so sweet! I would love to own a house in a years time Don't see it happening for 8 years atleast :S
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