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  1. Takeaway a large container of each dish and then have a picnic
  2. Roads might be a bit worse for wear after today's rain
  3. Inflate a basketball next to it. How strong that bit of the engine bay
  4. You might be wrong side of the boarder but I have an engine crane in Papakura
  5. Fibreglass might be a bit more progressive
  6. maybe a engine bay bumpstop
  7. they were only thinking about how much to charge the charge? for eating a meal? A succulent chinese meal?
  8. i have a couple of things bigger than a 50cc scoot, might even have a dead number plate for them
  9. Yeah there is a wombling thread on here about buying covid rego
  10. yeah im looking at those to, hoping for christmas sale
  11. tortron

    4G54 Help

    im gona pull the buick v6, 700r4, and loom out of mine, he should put it in his
  12. tortron

    4G54 Help

    might need to sign up to get access but here http://www.mightyram50.net/vbulletin/showthread.php/3513-Mitsubishi-Engine-Overhaul-Procedure-Manual i have a few workshop manuals here too normally the headgasket goes or the balance shafts go. bottom end is gona be cos its full of sludge probably
  13. Here's what duplicolor metal cast (the anodizing paint stuff) does to old faden indicators. This was the orange can, I also have a yellow can that I was going to do some fog lights with years ago but never got to it. Anyways, I just washed them, 1 coat inside and coat the outside till it looks right. Designed to go on shiny surfaces they reckon. Cheaper than nite shades, so I might get a red can to do brake lights
  14. gisborne holiday park is gona be like why does this guy keep not showing up to his booking
  15. nothing that i actually want to lift over a fence, but probably. will see whats runnign then
  16. With that blue and purple it really reminds me of Drew Peacock
  17. That's prime era for a buick V6 conversion
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