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  1. Cut some stuff, didnt thi k ahead enough to get screws as I'm making it up as I go along
  2. tortron

    SOHC,s Norton

    what did the nz army have them for, sidecar dispatch riders?
  3. Scratch those guards, I got some steel tandem guards for $20, cut them down and used the offcut to double up the top section. A bit lighter which is better for this trailer Had some boards left over from the house, so those will make the deck, not quite enough, so will rip down that good bit of ply and then cover that with remaining tread plate on the strips where the bikes will go
  4. bought a shampoo vac a while ago. game changer for cleaning gross cars wanted a steam cleaner as well, but out of budget just to try it. Got a used wall paper steamer for $5. Works mint, the wide fitting on the end just unscrews, yet to check if anything else screws into it, but its pretty decent spray for cleaning in corners and stuff. Would recommend
  5. Might have got stuck rings from sitting, or it's just rooted
  6. Can you Honda lego some more power out of it?
  7. I have had less/ a grain of carbon cause a leak. Probably want to get those tidied up Man it's cool how the tank transformers open like that Is that one valve white, or is it the light reflecting. Looks sooty as anyways, not steam cleaned like a M series combustion chamber looks after running with water
  8. hey i found one http://motorbookworld.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=3304
  9. And then in the morning it was the wrong car
  10. Body: modified Suspension:modified Brakes: disk front Engine: holden 6 cylinder Checks out lol
  11. made some excessively heavy mudguards, but oh well, thats what was in the scrap pile, plus if you make somehting out of treadplate it encourages people to stand on it circular saw works great, makes tons of swarf which is great for the lawn banged some seam sealer between the angle and alloy to discourage corrosion, and then zinged some rivets through both to totally negate that got to cut the remnants of the old brackets off, then it will mount flush to the frame, a little higher than it shows now. should be enough clearance to totally bottom out the springs
  12. Oh damn, that would be good But should have enough rubbish here to make one out of
  13. abandoned lockdown project, i think welding was a bit out of grasp for last guy 1972 local built tilting trailer pretty not ideal tilt set up, but its lasted since the 70s springs were toast new deck was also toast because it was rubbish untreated packing ply no more nails together back bit has some rust in it custom camber in the axle, rest of chassis looks good other than the draw bar, but its probably ok hit it a bunch with a crowsfoot and it didnt make any holes needs some wheel nuts that fit Today i removed most of the deck. the front section is ok 18mm ply, threw away the "guards" that were self tapped into the deck, gently pulled on the angle iron trim he had started on and broke all the welds off the surface. cut off the old spring perches, they dont appear to be originals as there is the remains of some old ones still on there. Fitted some 750kg ish springs and new perches, i figure even 3 gn125s is only 330 kg, and i had these springs and some 1200kg ones already, not putting sides on it so wont be carting cubes this also had the added benefit of lowering the deck a couple inches i have chucked on a bit of 4mm alloy treadplate that isnt a good shape/size but will figure something out, will probably go grab another sheet of 18mm ply. needs about 66cm of ramp to give a good run up for bikes, think i will make some up and have them slot in for storage behind the wheels should just about get it good enough with scrap pile bits goal is basic flat trailer that can carry 2 bikes, more tie down points than i would ever need, a box for tie downs. would be nice to be able to store it creatively out of the way, on its side or something
  14. tortron

    Tachometer tech

    yeah you could vary it by about 1000rpm each way if im remembering correctly
  15. tortron

    Tachometer tech

    They often have a pot you can calibrate them with. That's how I gutted my mechanical GN125 one and fitted an aliexpress electronic one
  16. Window washer rerouted to mist the intake Probably don't spray methanol on the outside of it tho
  17. Needs a star exhaust tho to maximise the spin
  18. Id get the police to send an email saying that they dont give out that info, then submit that lol
  19. Is this not a standard Rereg? Stat declaration stating you are the person entitled to register it should cover a plain old rereg If so, honestly start submitting complaints because they need to get their acts together
  20. https://www.police.govt.nz/can-you-help-us/stolen-vehicles?nondesktop
  21. Owned 2 bikes in my name for 3 months, they dereged one the day before I picked up, the 2nd they took the plate but didn't dereg The system works
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