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  1. Hey guys, the weather is looking super average for Thursday so we're going to postpone the meet. It's hard to enjoy the beach without sun! We're pushing this back to NEXT THURSDAY November 24th. Tell your friends
  2. You could go straight to Whatawhata and meet us there? Unsure on how much time it will save you. Also, it seems more likely that we'll leave at 6:40-6:45.
  3. Just over a week to go! Who's old cars aren't going?
  4. This is so sweet! Looks like a couple of years of hard work is paying off? It would be great so see this driving around and making our roads more classy.
  5. I've edited the info into the first post and cleaned up the thread. Here's the facebook event for those who want to share it around:
  6. The Wobbly Arse Bandits. Choice.
  7. Gotta hit it in November otherwise we'll clash with Xmas functions. Off to Raglan we go!
  8. I'll get you one made. We're working on a design similar to a pipercross at the moment. / I can get you the filter foam if you want.
  9. Truenotch

    Muffler Tech

    Let's talk about muff. This thread is basically aimed at KPR as he's been playing around with mufflers a lot lately, but I'm keen for everyone's input. I'm about to fit a new muffler to the race car and am looking for something that will sound good - unlike the flowmaster copy that is on there currently. At the moment is sounds cackly/raspy and I'd like to to have a more pure 4cyl tone. My aim isn't quietness, but flow and tone is important. The Flowmaster copy is something like this: So far the only option I've looked at in person is a Coby stainless straight through, fibre packed muffler (full muffler, not just a resonator) that measures 320L x 265W x 140H with an offset inlet and centre exit. It's a similar style to this: Or possibly more like this: Now there are a few key factors that will effect the outcomes: Muffler placement Pipe Size Muffler size? Muffler/baffle style Fluted pipes Resonance chambers Material (steel/stainless/aluminium) etc My current setup has the muffler in the belly of the car - just in front of the diff - with a ~1m stainless pipe out to the back. It'll be 3" inlet and outlet with no other mufflers or resonators. What have people found when using different mufflers in different locations? How does the pipe length before and after the muffler change the sound or effectiveness of the muffler? What type of muffler saps the most horsepower? I've also considered going to a side pipe, but it'll be a challenge to fit a decent muffler if I do. Funnily enough, I've always preferred the sound of the car with no muffler at all (there have been 3 occasions... One was open headers after bellying a ripple strip and losing the whole system on the last lap of a race ). I realise there aren't any definitive answers to this question, so share the results you've found with different cars and arrangements. Any input appreciated and other people's questions are also welcome here. Share away.
  10. Project discussion: //
  11. So this thing started as a Healing Minimax 16" BMX that I decided to chop up. Probably shouldn't have ruined it, but it was cheap and I don't really care for nostalgic kids bikes. So this was the original plan: I had no idea about what the engine or driveline was going to do, all I cared about was that the bike is small and potentially scary. Fast forward 6 months and not much had happened, but I did acquire a blackout generator. It's 2.5kva and the motor is 7hp according to their website, bonus! http://www.blackoutp...&products_id=23 I moved cities and the two halves of my bike came too, along with some 50x25mm thinwall box section that I'd used for a job on my AE86. Thanks to 10-5 and Yowzer's garage, I was able to play chop/weld one afternoon and ended up with this: mexi style: Then put my motor in (backwards, hah) for a test fit - it's tight! ... It's quite wide compared to my frame!
  12. **edit ** I never explained this photo. We found a couple of issues on the dyno. My tuner could hear a weird sound through the knock phones. After a checkover we found that there was loads of end float in the crank and metal flakes in the oil filter. We stripped the engine down and found that one of the thrust washers had been put in backwards.... Steel on steel is no good. The thrust face on the crank was toast. Luckily I had a bunch of spares, so after a good clean up we threw in another crank, a fresh set of bearings and got back on the dyno.
  13. ... I see you've failed to mention which nats you'll be completed by
  14. So much tuck! I'll say it again - can't wait to see this thing in action. Nats?
  15. Figured I should probably do a thread for this since I've been driving it so frequently ( ) . It came to the household as a damaged car that had been de-registered, but the only real damage was a cracked tail light, a few scratches and a bent top arm in the front. Simple fix! Then it sat doing nothing for around 5 years until the free storage ran out. Earlier this year the old boy decided it was time to sort the shit out. He'd accumulated some parts and had 2 sets of Bilstein shocks, 1 set of KYB coilovers, a hardtop, a pod filter kit and a few other things stashed away by the time we got to it. Since then it's had the half cage welded in, water filled up and the fuck thrashed out of it. And it loves it! I did 2 rounds of winter series, a couple of test days and a trackday on Federals and had a shitload of fun doing skids and posting surprising times for the quality of rubber. Some of you will have seen it at Manfeild or at 1vaknd's Taupo Trackday - the general consensus is that it goes bloody good for a standard car! All it has at the moment is a half cage, coilovers (with very soft rear springs) and an induction kit... Even the exhaust is stock as a rock. As you can tell, there's some work to do on the setup, but overall it isn't too bad. Videos: Lap times: Manfeild - 1:29.321 (Road tyres on the canvas) - 1:27.020 on New semis with need for a harder bum (aw-stopit) Taupo - 1:58.500 on dying road tyres Pretty happy with how it goes but it's starting to show signs of a possible head gasket issue... Hasn't died yet, so we're not too worried! It needs harder rear springs and a noisy exhaust before we can get it going Really well on the Semi slicks. Watch this space, I reckon there's a low 1:26 in this car.
  16. haha... They would have opened it on the 10th because when they got back after new year there were near 200 homologation applications in the mail. Almost everyone sent them the week before xmas and they're still working through the backlog. but then one friend of mine got his back in around a week. His was freshly built with the new sized main hoop.
  17. Good shit! I was worried that they might not accept it due to lack of heat signature on the welds (cause of the painting+brushing). That's one big step closer! Brad - I've been part of 2-3 new cage installs in the last couple of weeks. We did the front legs, side intrusion and strut bars as an extension on a half cage over a few nights + homologation. PM me if you have any specific Q's.
  18. Metal shaping looks good man. Get a surface blending disc and some flap wheels and no one will be able to tell that it's welded.
  19. Having holes at the end of your welds might be because you don't have enough "post flow" of gas when you finish the weld, or are pulling away too quick. It is just a single pinhole in the last part of the flow?
  20. Still looking forward to this as well! And agree that the extractors are looking good... Wonder how hard it would be to swap the double 90's for U bends in the future?