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  1. cheers mate , had a used 185/60 dummy fitted onto the 7.5's and a 205/60 onto the 8's. think il go with the 185's all round, should clear the rear lips that way
  2. I think I know who's gonna win drag day!
  3. thinking i'll be getting 185/60/13's. I've got some old 205/60/13's that i'll get them to test fit and see. Gonna be tight!
  4. good thread ! lemme know when you're doing a days work neil, just down the road from me. will lend a pair of hands.
  5. man you dont muck about do ya bro! Shitty situation with the destruction of the motor, but ka pai on the new motor being ready to go so soon!
  6. awesome man! it's gonna be a hand full in such a small car once you can get those rev's up!!!
  7. Pretty excited to get these on the car!!!! tyre choice is gonna be interesting
  8. Managed to get some 1500 and 2000 grit sand paper and polished and painted another 2, came up a bit better than the first - time consuming and looks like they're just gonna be my skid wheels for drag day I'm thinking. Any updates on the wheels Roman?
  9. you'll see them in my project thread once I've got them bolted up to the car
  10. nice! yep they'll look good on it for sure, there used to be a red series 1 coupe from Christchurch i think that used to get about with hotwires on it. Yep 14's would be ideal, mine are 13's, but beggars can't be choosers with 4x110 as ya know.
  11. Sold the simmons huh!!? Agreeing with most on here that 17's would look too big on the coupe. Hotwires should look pretty good on there man! I'll have some longchamps in my possession soon, you'd be welcome to test fit them to see what ya think
  12. Stumbled on this on the interwebs. Anyone from here going? Been before? Any good? All those sorts of questions. Could be keen for a road trip from Auckland if anyone else is interested in going along.