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  1. So, some good news with the tie rod ends - sure enough theres a couple of kinds of them over the years the 929/rx4 was made, and mine are obsolete. Read a few options about either machining out the knuckles or machining down the tie rod ends, but I figured I’d give something else a try. the old tie rod ends themsleves were still working and moving fine, it was just the boots that had split, so I took the boots off the news one I’d bought and installed them on my old ones making sure to be careful with the springs and clips to not split the boots. All installed nicely now, just need to grease them up and find the old castle nuts in the garage somewhere , or buy some new ones
  2. I got these off a shop in Aussie - Ringwood auto parts https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-SET-OF-4-FRONT-STEERING-TIE-ROD-ENDS-SUIT-MAZDA-RX3-RX4-808-929/331735510264?_trkparms=aid%3D333200%26algo%3DCOMP.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20180228161002%26meid%3D86e679b024de4f85acfc25ffd29f01ed%26pid%3D100008%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D8%26sd%3D152828666897%26itm%3D331735510264&_trksid=p2047675.c100008.m2219 Was half the price of most nz shops but of course that doesn’t matter now that they’re wrong Could always look at trying to machine these a bit to suit, but have found a local shop with some in stock so will take in the old ones to compare either tomorrow or Thursday and see
  3. Knowing my luck - sounds like you're right - I checked through catalogue's for year / model of 929/rx4, but often don't know until you go to fit them I guess
  4. I've had a decent look at them - was thinking the same as you both that the taper looks different. They sit nicely in the knuckle though. Annoyingly they're the same part number (different brand though) so if you both are right may have to look at replacing them.
  5. Had a few busy weekends recently with this. Last wof was noted that I should replace the lower arm balljoints. And I also noticed one of the tierod ends had split the rubber too, so while I've been focusing on the gearbox and clutch replacement I'd also ordered replacement tierod ends x4 and 2x balljoints. Pressed out the old and pressed in the new. Got the new tie rod ends on easy enough, now upon installation though I've noticed the nut doesn't go on far enough for the split pin to through the hole on the tie rod end thread, so will have to sort new castle nuts or slot the ones i've got a bit deeper. I'd sourced a 5 speed box to replace my 4 speed, but upon putting this in the car (with some help from some GC's) i noticed that the gearbox crossmember would need modifying, plus the clutch slave cylinder wouldn't line up so would have to buy a new one. Can't be f'd with all that (plus being a conversion, nothing that I've bought for the car so far bolts up) so decided to just put back in the 4 speed for now/probably forever. Still to do: Get tie rod end split pins in - Grease up tie rod ends Double check all bolts tightened/torqued up Wheel alignment Bleed brakes Bleed clutch Test clutch Hopefully done for drag day!
  6. haven’t had to change the head on any of my rx motors once
  7. Yep same as above - get rid of dirt/tyre shine - redo every 6 months or so.
  8. BNT in Takanini - thats where Papakura engine specs send them. BNT couldn't do mine recently due to centre hole being too big so took it to Sterling brake n clutch in onehunga.
  9. Bueno! +1 vote for rowdy, low and abnoxious as possible
  10. @rivalrx, what car you source those seat belts from? I need some for the rear of my car and wasn't sure around if wreckers sold them? Pics up asap when the wheels are on the car bro!
  11. Finally got the gearbox out with some help from my brother, old clutch is off and just as well i’m replacing it now, down to the rivets and will 100% be taking the flywheel off to get skimmed as there’s markings on it from my mean clutch slips yeh nah she’s fkd mate
  12. I recon they could look good aye, hard to tell with the close up pics but the black flares with the black front grill looks good in the front on pic.
  13. will check wof status on singer, if not perhaps a more modern car may grace the carpark and fool those who think it is strictly old car gathering
  14. Not that i've been for a while ; But 100% agree with Tom, any further south than Mt Wellington (which is now a no go) would be too far for most, the more central the better it is for everyone. Good ideas about talking with the burger fuel boe, I've seen him working at the Takanini branch too. Would be interesting to see what would happen if Animates got on board, we could all write letters saying "we're not just car enthusiasts, we're pet owners too, and I may choose to purchase my Pal dog roll and whiskers biscuits elsewhere now" lol
  15. Blardy 'tangs ruining it for all
  16. Interior work aint cheap is it! 4 resonators in total plus the rear muffler? should shut it up good n proper
  17. fixed it for ya new wheels look good though !
  18. The wider wheels look good! 165/65/13 on a 7.5" fronts and 185/60/13 on 8" rears. Will probably find a 175/60 for the rears when they need replacing. I was tempted also by the 175/50 but i think the guard gap would'nt look right.
  19. Nice old Ute! Definitely rare seeing a well-side not rotten out, good score!
  20. We had a small bit of roof replaced recently - wasn't iron but I'm pretty sure this fulla does all sorts of roof work - worth a try if you want Glen - 027-728-4647
  21. meh its not THAT bad. I get roped in to help out the father in law to take one of his cars, wander around, take some photos and yarn with barry's. Pretty much the same as any car show.
  22. So after having numerous moments thinking the exhaust / floor / crossmember was going to be damaged / destroyed due to the ride height being this: I've decided to get some 17's to help with ground clearance - helps a lot and they don't look too bad IMO, but will be keeping the 13's and change them up everynow and then depending on where i'm driving to i suppose!