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  1. Ooh, Honda electronic. I had problems with my old City, if there's a module on the side of the dizzy, they're known to fuck out. Unsure if it is the same in the 70s stuff though. Unlikely, I would guess.
  2. Yeah, if you disconnect the end from the cap, sit that end near an earth point and wind it over, you should hear and see a spark.
  3. It doesn't rule out them also being problematic but you definitely want to ensure your wiring to the coil is correct, ballast resistor in place if it's supposed to be there, etc.
  4. Fucking stoked for you brother! Finally got yourself one! That's awesome. Looking forward to see it progressing.
  5. Looking good man. What's the state of the nation on it?
  6. So stoked you've kept this and done so well with it. I recall when my friend of old was all "find a buyer for my flatmates car please".
  7. I can probably be convinced to come along to something else depending on the requirements of work. Could bring the 'goon or the FD.
  8. That is intense, I can't imagine the face enjoyed that much. Wish her well for me. Good work on the Viva too though chap. Credit where it's due.
  9. Given your story of a wobbly rear, I'd be inclined to believe that you would be 'arse bandits'.
  10. Would make more sense parked aside a GTE wouldn't it? Pewhuehue
  11. If you'd have wire brushed that bracket first, could you not have got 90% of that rust off and then used the molasses to clean the residue, instead of the other way around? Or am I looking at it wrongly in the faceballs?
  12. Justice of the Peace
  13. Yeah yeah nah yeah nah. I am on call this weekend so no dice for me. Disappoint. You take any snaps?
  14. Build Thread That doesn't look too shabby at all man, I don't think the 14's will be that bad with some smaller tires and a bit of low, on the plus side though, you have 5x114.3 so getting something Japanese is generally cheaper than the 4 stud version.
  15. Link to Discussion thread here; viewtopic.php?f=18&t=13435 More pictures once I get them all sorted; It's been in storage since 1985 when it was only 22 years young. Dead reg, needs some resto and to be put back onto the road/re-reg so will be waiting in line after the C110 that said, it will no doubt be a while but I couldn't pass it by when it was offered to me.