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  1. What's a Rover V8 weigh? Not suggesting that you go this route but I know of at least one person who has in an HC Viva sedan.
  2. As long as it has a flapper thing on top.
  3. Potentially giving multiple reverse gears like a tractor?
  4. Should we say 10ish at Tulloch Park on Sunday then? Pretty sure I could find some homekill schnitzel or something to chuck on the barbie afterwards.
  5. Thursday has been cancelled this week. Please proceed in an orderly fashion directly from Wednesday to Friday.
  6. Pretty sure it's an age related thing rather than being applicable to all black plate trailers. One of mine (older than I am) came factory with a two pin plug for the lights cable. Single stop/tail and number plate light combo as above. My '71 Wolseley had a two pin trailer plug when I got it too. What year is that trailer? My old eyes can't quite make out the text on the rego label.
  7. Must be pretty shit grass if even perendales won't eat it. Those cunts seem to eat pretty much anything. That's why they're such good doers. That and they don't understand the concept of a fence. Gis a yell when you're dropping the trees and I'll give you a hand.
  8. Kind of had to be white to match the race car and the tow vehicle. Would have looked silly otherwise.
  9. The 173 was an option on some of the larger CFs back in the day.
  10. Thought wee scoots were supposed to be economical on the juice. Ex's CG125 got 115 mpg even with me wringing it out and laying down on the tank for extra speed.
  11. Looks like much fun was had by all. Thanks for sharing with those of us who couldn't be there. I for one always enjoy following the write-ups of activities in other regions.
  12. Highlands doesn't work for me either. The Friday clashes with school Pet Day. I have to take Spotty the boar along as Mr 12's pet for the day.
  13. Yep, gib lifter makes it a one man job. Still a cunt overhead nailing but easier than trying do do it while four other people hold the sheet up.
  14. I like how the door cards are steel and are fixed with screws instead of half arsed little clips that either break, get lost or won't come off without breaking something else.
  15. Any advance on this proposed gathering? Who's all keen for something?
  16. Your wife must be a bit like mine mate. I'd get absolute arseholes if I went to get a diff and came home with a whole nother car. Can't really go wrong for the money though. You would have been crazy not to take it.
  17. Reckon the Sunday'd be the go. Have a squizz at the cars followed by a beer or two at the Mataura pub to round off the day?
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