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  1. The 173 was an option on some of the larger CFs back in the day.
  2. Thought wee scoots were supposed to be economical on the juice. Ex's CG125 got 115 mpg even with me wringing it out and laying down on the tank for extra speed.
  3. Looks like much fun was had by all. Thanks for sharing with those of us who couldn't be there. I for one always enjoy following the write-ups of activities in other regions.
  4. Highlands doesn't work for me either. The Friday clashes with school Pet Day. I have to take Spotty the boar along as Mr 12's pet for the day.
  5. I like how the door cards are steel and are fixed with screws instead of half arsed little clips that either break, get lost or won't come off without breaking something else.
  6. Any advance on this proposed gathering? Who's all keen for something?
  7. Your wife must be a bit like mine mate. I'd get absolute arseholes if I went to get a diff and came home with a whole nother car. Can't really go wrong for the money though. You would have been crazy not to take it.
  8. Reckon the Sunday'd be the go. Have a squizz at the cars followed by a beer or two at the Mataura pub to round off the day?
  9. Ya wot? Also who all's keen for a meet at Mataura car show next month?
  10. Cool. I'll need to make some time to take it off. Let you know when it's ready.
  11. How about the safety frame on my tractor? I'm not convinced that it would protect me adequately in a roll-over situation as part of one leg has rusted almost completely off. Might need some help to dismantle it though. You weld big stuff too?
  12. I have no fucking idea what that all means but I wish you all the best good luck with it. Love the way you've done it all without butchering the shell to buggery.
  13. Reckon there'll be a lot more uncerted Minis around that came with the 848 or 998 and are now running 1098 or 1275.
  14. True that. Dad's '80 Hilux could take a ton and a half on the deck but, being 12R powered, struggled to move fast with it.
  15. Is that trans the same four speeder as the EA2 and later six cylinder coons have?
  16. Exactly this. There must be a market for them. I can't be the only one who'd be keen for something similarly sized to a '70s/early '80s Hilux or B1600 that isn't worn out and fucked.
  17. Cool ute. Wouldn't think there'd be many of those in New Zealand. Shame about the Hotwires though. I thought they suited it just right.
  18. Agree with ky here. White wheels, white roof, and a period correct body colour would be the way to go.
  19. My first car was a '70 Mk2 850. Loved it. Had no trouble at all keeping up with traffic. If your after an easy power increase you could do far worse than to fit a 1098. A lot of wof guys won't spot the difference.
  20. Saw this at Hanmeet. Very tidy I thought. Please tell me you're going to fix it so the mudflaps don't drag on the ground.
  21. I love it when a car sits for years like that and then starts up pretty much straight away. Enjoyed those two short vids. Karl's taxi was one of the more memorable cars for me at Hanmeet this year.
  22. Seven inch sealed beams on my BMC cars and the Civic are actually better than the replaceable bulb seven inch round lights on my XC coon.
  23. All the rotang stereotypes there. Goes hard but doesn't last long.