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  1. Yes, 12" tyres are becoming hard to find and are almost always more expensive than 13".
  2. Any reason not to use 12" rims if you convert to old Civic hubs?
  3. Will def be there for the gathering at the end. Even if the homekill butcher doesn't show up my participation in the run could be limited by children's sport. I like @smokin'joe's suggestion of an all nighter at his bush place sometime soonish.
  4. Might not make it to the run due to potentially killing beef. The butcher had planned to come last weekend but got called into his other job on Saturday and lost most of Sunday looking for his pig dogs. Still keen to join you all for drinks and sharns afterwards though.
  5. 2376 barleycorn to the chain. It's perfectly logical.
  6. Gun rack? Taxidermy heads? Confederate flag?
  7. Got a reply from Catlins brewery as follows, Kerry Norm is in Wellington with his family for a few days for school holidays, so I don’t want to bother him til he returns. I am not sure if he will be fine with this, as he may be tied up with shooting ducks, as you probably know that is opening weekend!! I will let him know of your request, and get back to you soon. As we don’t have a licence to sell alcohol from the brewery directly to the public there can only be samples! We do sell merchandise, though. If I was to host you it wouldn’t have the flair that Norm adds to a visit!! Peter Might have to make it another time perhaps. See what Norman says when he gets back. I had forgotten that they aren't licenced to sell retail directly from the brewery.
  8. Still waiting to hear back from Norman wrt brewery visit but it's likely to be a go. He's a GC.
  9. So we'd finish in Kaka Point with the brewery visit if Norman is up for it then?
  10. Is it worth me giving Norman a yell re brewery visit?
  11. Uncle bought a Bluebird like this, in '82 I think. It had plywood and carpet in the back where the seat should have been when he got it but the seat was fitted soon after.
  12. Even when I dailied a British car I didn't check the oil every day.
  13. If we're travelling in a group we'll be fine. If one of us gets stuck we can winch off another car.
  14. Norman at Catlins Brewery is a GC. Might be able to work something out if I see him before hand. Be warned, drunkenness is likely to ensue.
  15. Lost Gypsy gallery at Papatowai might be worth a look.
  16. What are your thoughts regarding an overnighter somewhere? I still have two boxes of dobros left over from Nats.
  17. That road turns to shit quite quickly in the winter. Could still be a bit of fun though. Maybe an overnighter somewhere could work as part of this?
  18. That depends upon whether members mind a bit of gravel road action.
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