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  1. Check with robinson instruments in auckland. An inline gearbox from them might not be that expensive. As for the meshing, most of the nissan boxes can have a bunch of different plastic speedo gears all running off the same gearbox gear.
  2. 123 slightly(like 1 tooth) lower than the petrol. 4/5 the same. The diff is the difference. Edit- i converted one to a rb25 bellhousing for a drifter mate and told him the ratios would be slightly different and he said he could not tell. I suppose 400kw is going to turn the wheels no matter what. Haha
  3. Was going to suggest the 6 speed nissan box. As it seems like your going to make a bix fit, you could go a nissan navara diesel 5 speed. They are same as rb25 turbo skyline, so strong, but also 80mm shorter. Most of them had better synchros than the skylines too. Can be had for 350-400 if you look around
  4. We buy a lot of pipe/steel/ss from azmuss in new plymouth. They have been dominating all the other suppliers for price. Pretty sure they are in h-town
  5. the runners are pretty short. -6cyl datsun its got to be better than a SU carb right? at idle the fuel already dribbles past the throttle plate i hope to turbo it so much heat, there is a ton of room in the top of the hat to put the injectors. putting them up from below would work too, but would lose the carb heat circuit i am fitting 2x 550cc ev14 short injectors into each carb. there is a good heat circuit through the carb floor, and intake floor. here is a diagram of some filthy U.S TBI carb, im doing the same thing but sideways. heres a kit for a similar carb
  6. I dont want to put them in the manifold. I figured tbi would be at least a bit better than carb due to the ecu part.
  7. See the chicken scratchings below. I am about to put some injectors into some carbs but have a query about placement. Top drawing shows the fuel spraying on the throttle plate and as it opens it gets well smashed on the plate for good mixing, but ends up mostly going over the top above 50% throttle Lower one is stock throttle plate. I think at idle it will pool at the bottom of the plate? The injector location is my only option unless i can find the injectors i saw once that have a lottle 45degree deflector thingy on the end of them to allow me to mount them vertical. It appears to be easy to flip the plates so no issues with changing it. Any ideas welcomed
  8. So this made it to swapmeat and back, but i needed to change the hanger bearing as the driveshaft needed some more engagement in the back of the box, and the rubber was flying apart due to it not being designed to move with the suspension. I made a new hanger bracket to fit the later bearing and a spacer to lengthen the driveshaft. it took a few test fits on the hanger to get it right, but i got it fitted up Wednesday night and made it to chch today. win. except, somewhere north of amberley i smelt what i thought was rubber grease, and 10 minutes later i pushed the brake pedal and uh oh. made it to the thieves at safe r brakes in chch 5 minutes before closing to get the required caliper kit and limped to the inlaws on the handbrake. the front brakes are dunlop calipers as fitted to late 60s jags and aston martons. yes thats right, british. ughh so thats my saturday sorted....
  9. update got a 330 diff, got a 3.9 head out of a r31, threw it together with some bearings and seals and thought i would just chuck it in bro. well, it would appear that the 130 cedric, being the first if the nissan/datsun combo, has metric motor and box, imperial everything else. so now i have a 330 diff, with 130 brake cylinders. and 12mm studs on the back wheels, 1/2 inch on the front. I was going to run the 330 slave cylinders, with an imperial to metric hose, but they were only 3/4 cylinders vs the 1 inch of the 130 and since nobody has ever said, 'you know what?, i think i need less brakes on my datsun' so i had to swap the cylinders and lines. This was made harder by the fact that some old vice grip wielding barry has previously attempted to pull the fitting out of the cylinders and now they are round.... Next up, springs and blocks. easy. Except i fucked up bit and ordered the wrong rear shocks so i had to run these impressive specimens i found in a box of parts. they will do for now... I then decided that i had 3 weeks until my chch/hanmer roadtrip, so i would chuck in a 4 speed column change box to go with the 3.9 diff. How hard could it be right? Well the sneaky fuckers changed the style of gearboxes after the 130. the driveshaft was flanged at both ends. and it was longer.. no problem, @- i5oogt - found me one that he had been aging in a paddock for a while. except the rear half was too short so it wouldn't fit the hanger and the hanger was way different. no problem, i can fix that The box being longer hit the roof of the tunnel so i made that fit too, but i didn't take any pics as you dont need to see that The the fucking linkage didnt have enough travel as it was only for a 3 speed. Lucky i have some spare parts I had to mod one of the levers to make it have more throw. I found a welding rod in a puddle and dried it out a bit and it did the trick. Photo taken in potato mode so you cant see the quality bonus pic of custom racing shocks
  10. Can you reach it with a welding rod? Get your mate on the power switch of your arc welder and jam a 3.2mm rod onto thw end of the axle with plenty of juice. 1/2 a second after it strikes your mate turns off the power. Then pull axle out. Practice on a bit of steel to get the best time/current for good attachment. Not great on the bearings, but it will get you going.
  11. Tru tests have 3/4 frames and 7/8 forks. I know a few tru test foamers that will be keen on some wheels
  12. Did some things. Swapped diff housings to a spare one and rebuilt a 3.9 head to drop the rpms a bit on the highway. Also a little off the height. Hopefully finished this weekend, but only get a couple nights a week in the shed
  13. can recommend! you could also try sprockets.co.nz or something, they do them with the boss on them already. not cheap from memory, but could be the solution for people with no machining hookups
  14. FYI all the people worried about 10a supply. If you get an inverter welder you will be sweet. Last week at work i tested all of our welders for a long story... 1 was a hugong 200a inverter tig mig stick running off a 20m 10a lead fed from a 16a breaker. 15>10a modded plug. The welder could not supply over 183a. Plugged it into the board and straight to 200a 200a cigweld all in 1 15a plug on a 30m lead, could not pull over 185a. Removed the lead. Straight to 200a Etc etc etc. 180a at the tip is a lot of heat! So get an inverter type welder and either 1 mod the plug -not legit warranty/insurance in a fire 2 buy the adpater with a 10a breaker 3 get your wiring checked and a 15a outlet fitted to an existing outlet 4 get a dedicated 15a outlet and cable fitted. If your in taranaki i can help with 15a supply for beer money
  15. had one of those diesel burners in my bus in the UK. it was awesome. used surprisingly little diesel was german, eberspacher or something like that.
  16. As above, mig for general glueing of all things. I have a 3 in 1. Worst part is changing bottles to change welding type. A couple of fabricators at work run hugong welders from duroweld. They are pretty cheap and have 3 year warranty and have been absolutely flogged with no failures.
  17. the speedos in older cars can be pretty worn out and not keep up with the actual wheel speed....
  18. I have a mate that makes things using this method. Aluminium moulds that are polished to death. Lay up the cf on both halves, chuck a bladder inside, bolt together, pump up and chuck in hot box for a time. Impressive results on a 1m long part
  19. See if you can get some 4943 alloy filler rod. Its better than most for alloy heads. Or get some flat top pistons?
  20. there are a few other issues that box had. the driveshaft has been lengthened to fit the shorter 5 speed and its a bit too long so is bashing the back of the box a bit. also we put the wrong oil in it, also the gears were tired also LD28 +T!!!! The T means it has all of the torque. also i think i was @RUNAMUCKdrunk during the rebearing of that box..... You can get a 3.7lsd head out of japan landed for about 500nz. they come out of the qk30 nissan crew or something ugly like that.
  21. Thanks for the offer, but got it sussed out. Cheers
  22. I have a course at wintec tues-thurs this week. Anybody got a couch or spare bed for a couple of nights? I can bring beers and many sharns
  23. s14 non turbo rear calipers on hyundai sonata 3L v6 discs fit hilux diff nicely
  24. we have been running DC pumps on our speedway cars for years. Always with a thermostat and proper bypass. the pumps are on flat out all the time We only had issues when we hard mounted the pump onto the end of the block and the vibration at 10,000+ caused the wires inside the pump to snap. happened 3 times in 2 meetings before we moved the pump and have had no problems since. the controllers they make are just pwm controllers that slow the pump when its cold so like Dave said, its bad for ya motor
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