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  1. I’m not sure. Probably a percentage. You can get them in different heights.
  2. You could use one of these under the spring https://www.adenstyres.co.nz/products/universal-spring-spacers-10-15mm
  3. Got the door back on, lined up and glass in. (back door is ajar) To get the window out, you need to remove the quarter window first. Installation is reverse of removal. Of course, I forgot this, but got there.
  4. Thinner layer of filler, a few days later this time sand, bog, repeat... Close enough for 10 days before Wagnats and seal her up with epoxy primer It will need a bit more work, but at least it’s good enough to go out of the shed.
  5. I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this cock up. A bit embarrassing. First time I have used 2 part primer and bog that’s not newtech. Start of January I mixed up too much epoxy primer and slapped it on way too thick. Info sheet said to add filler after 25 minutes. I thought that was a bit soon, so waited a couple of hours before I mixed up too much bog and slapped that on. Checked on it a bit later... FAIL After a week of feeling sorry for myself I ground it off again. and put on a thinner layer of primer.
  6. I can’t. Too much door sanding to do. see you at Wagnats.
  7. @fourfingapete doesn’t come round here much anymore.
  8. You m sure if you fiddle with it enough you will be able to smooth that idle out a bit.
  9. A few of us will be meeting up near hunterville in the first weekend of feb.
  10. Do you have a VIN plate as well or just the chassis number? Here are the WOF rules https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/in-service-wof-and-cof/general/vehicle-identification/vin-and-chassis-number
  11. Took the door off again. Decided the passenger door lock can go in the bin with the mirror.
  12. Then I thought I would see if it still runs. Hasn’t been started since lock down. Connected the battery, primed the carb... Started first turn of the key. Let it run up to temp and gave it a rev for Trev.
  13. I put the door back on to check the body lines. Hit it with a hammer in a couple of spots but pretty happy with it considering the bog I took out.
  14. This mirror was useless and not original. Now it’s gone
  15. Hopefully this makes @Spencer happy. Guys at Total Bodyshop Supplies were super helpful. This hardener was not cheap, but should keep me going for ages.
  16. @enzee if you have tints you need both wing mirrors
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