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  1. Ha! I was more thinking a light all alloy V6. But hell.. I dont think many piazzas come up for sale at all now. That seems fairly cheap? If its cert'd then does that mean it can be made road legal?
  2. Damn its looking good. Piazzas... I always used to see them only as parts bins for Chevettes and sadly that's the way many have gone. Now I see yours and think 'wow.. I'd like one of them' With a V6..
  3. It looks so lush. I was very tempted by this myself but.... no spare coin. Maybe one day.. but by then they will finaaly be hit with Mazda tax and out of reach.. Anyway- I have this that I'd bought in the UK at some random swap meet. Might be of help! I want to keep it but totally happy to post it up to you. You use it/copy it and when finished post it back. PM me your address.
  4. As promised... look at that paint dry.... Battery box is all done. Forgot to take photo of wooden lid and a strap to hold it down, made from the nylon belt from some old endura bike shorts. I knew it would come in handy one day.. I couldn't resist..I had to cut open the filter for a look. Wow.. Ok.. so yeah.. that'll be a bit blocked then... I refitted the tank, added a new line so now the fuel rail return runs straight to the main tank and the overflow from the surge tank runs into the other new tank fitting. I ran the system through to clean it before connecting to main rail feed. Started car.. ooohhh. Much quieter and seems a bit smoother. Popped the car outside and plugged the laptop in. Watched it warm up and waited till it was off the warm up enrichment. Idle was tad out so a tweek here and there. Its better but more importantly it should remain consistant. I still have the lean out idle surge in the first half minute after starting the hot engine when its been sat a while. I have suspected for a while that this might be due to heatsoak from the hot bay/radiator area into the inlet pipe where the inlet temp sensor sits. Maybe it sees a much higher temp and alters the mixture? I dont know? The temp sensor is plastic bodied and insulated from the alloy by some foam. Hmmm. I need to work this out as its annoying. Some one suggested ages ago to turn off the 'use inlet temp at startup' feature.. but that would only affect the fist startup and few seconds after? Its starts fine as is, hot or cold, but just starts to stumble up and down for a half minute. Any ideas? You can tell me here... Anyway.. I decided that the car was a bit dirty and was due a wash. The evening was warm so Kevin the cat and I gave it a clean. Kevin actually only played in his bowl of water, chasing sticks. I cleaned the car. I might even apply some wax on it in the morning since its so clean...
  5. Ok.. so after having typed all that the night before and having had some good replies in the tech thread I decided I needed to bench test it and do some chin scratching. I'm glad I did. I found the main problem. out from car and jury rigged up on bench... I discovered that the lift pump was hardly dribbling anything out. Hmmmm. Whats that pre filter like then??... oh.. I removed the filter and wow- proper flow again. I'm amazed the engine was able to run at all!!! So Hannah was heading to town (the big smoke) and would pick me up a new filter. I then decided that while the pumps were out I might as well pull the tank out and add a second return so I have options. First thing was to make things safe before I touch the tank with items of spark or flame. I taped the tank filler onto the trusty old Hiace exhaust and ran it until the tank was purged out of traces of fuel or vapours.. I machined up a little fitting with a nice flat thin section that would provide a good surface area for solder.. I soldered that in place and sat the tank aside. Now since the tank was out I thought it might be a good time to get rid of the horrible large ugly plastic battery box taking up space in the boot and do a similar recessed box like I did on the wagon. I measured the battery and made a box.. Then I cut a big hole out of the boot floor. I did it in that order because my Co2 bottle is about empty. I did not want a large hole that I could not fill. The box is in place now and just needs some paint. I'll continue this very exciting update tomorrow with a photo of some paint drying
  6. Hi.. its been a while. I blame a rusty old Hb wagon and a needy cat taking all my attention. So i had been discussing some fuel issues with this car in the DIY fuel injection thread. I'd found the main problem but Ive continued on with some other work so an update was possible. (Please ignore the next wall of text if you'd already read the stuff id written in the above mentioned thread over the last two days.) Well then..back to this old thing. Here comes lots of words... For ages, actually since I put the V6 in, my current fuel pump arrangement has been like this... But for quite some time it has been a bit noisy especially when its hot outside. One time when arriving at my parents place in Blenheim on a stinking hot day (maybe 35 degrees..not Aussie hot but hot enough! ) and moving the car about on their hot asphalt the engine started idling lean. I felt the surge tank and it was really bloody hot. What I figured back then was that the hot fuel returning from the fuel rails was going back into the surge tank and the engine was not drawing enough at idle to bring in fresh cold fuel from the tank. This is possibly compounded by the fact that the surge tank is filled by a low pressure high volume Carter pump I had been using when the car had the Rotary. So on that day I ended up making the fuel table richer at idle to compensate and that worked fine for when the day was hot as but usually it just means the idle is too rich. I finally had got around to putting the Viva up on the hoist and having a look at things. I decided to add a tee to the return line went from the regulator on the rail to the surge tank. I then ran a line direct to the the return on the main tank and connected the overflow from the surge into the spare input on the tee. This did not work. In fact the pump was way noisier and engine ran lean. So I tried running the return straight back into the main tank and blocked off the overflow. I figured the surge tank would still fill up as any air would get drawn through. But no.. air does not sink... So that didn't work either. I've connected it back the way it was as I was in dire need to go for a strop over the hill to show off the car to my cousin. I took a photo and this what its currently like- you can see the brass tee I'd added when mucking about... After doing more research (that would be looking at stuff on google..) I have noted that almost all surge setups are like mine. So they all have the same potential issue of rising fuel temps within the surge tank. To me it makes more sense to have the return to the main tank.. so long as you have a lift pump that will always keep up with demand and keep the surge tank full. But the surge will still require a overflow to purge air out and that needs to go to the same return pipe on the main tank. I don't think I can run the return from the rail into a tee on the overflow line that goes from the surge to the tank because the higher pressure would override the lift pump pressure and prevent it filling the surge. Man that's a tricky one to type..or picture. I figured I could add a second return into the main tank and run the rail return into that? All I know is that I need to stop the hot fuel going back into the surge. I don't really require a huge surge tank as the car does not see any D1 hardcore action. But if the main tank is low its nice to know I wont get any starvation out of a tight set corner heading up Takaka hill for example.
  7. Plus there are a couple hooning about my region that are definitely Bogan spec. But not mighty wagons..
  8. six on the floor. Nah..doesn't work eh. He could remove the 1st/2nd OD limit switch and be... Eight on the straight!
  9. Just a gentle nudge of Hannah's post in here... Glad to see you scored this one Neal! I remember spotting it up for sale ages back on the Chch based trump club site and posting up somewhere on OS.. I then noted you gave the post a like. Trump wagons...so lush. Man this one so reminds me of the S wag we had while in the UK... Carmine red? Edit; what a crap photo. All focused on the bloody leaves. Sadly we took very few photos of that car even though it was our daily for bloody ages and saw a lot of miles from it. The nice fella ,Collin Radford, on the Truimph fanboy facebook group bought it from us and its still going strong.
  10. Yeah what nominal said. Open nipple, get assistant to push pedal down and hold it down, do up nipple and then assistant lets pedal up. Repeat. If the system is completely new then bench bleed the master first. If its in the car then crack open both outlets at the master, push pedal down, hold, tighten outlets, release pedal. Repeat until its just fluid. Usually only a few strokes. Otherwise it can be an arse trying to get the master to push anything. When bleeding the wheel cylinders/calipers watch the clear tube you've put on on the nipple. It takes a second or two for the master cylinder to 'refill' after a push. If you're hasty and crack open the nipple straight after the assistant has let the pedal up you'll see the fluid getting drawn back a little. So just wait a couple of seconds before opening the nipple. Yeah as others said- start at the furtherest away wheel and work in. (having bled the master first if needed)
  11. Yep that be air. Describe your bleeding process please.. Same colour as my second trump. Monkey shit brown. Its lovely
  12. Cool!!!! Another mk1. Watching this with interest
  13. OS club Triumph. Neal is the parts man. Any mk1's coming into your yard of hope Neal?
  14. I will now rummage through all my fading memories the happenings of the last few weeks since the wagon became legal, weeks of holidays, drinks, sunshine, fettling of various old car things. Hopefully as I type it will become clearer.. Since getting the car back into life I have just kept using it for all sorts of trips and its been fun. I love the looks it gets. Often I get thumbs up, usually from young folk who might not even know what it is but certainly like the fact its shabby. Older people often smile too. Many comments But it was never 'right'. I felt it had better potential and didn't believe that the engine was knackered. It was not using much oil but enough to make me look further than just the patches it left here and there. Every time I drove it Id discover afterwards a new fresh coating of oil mist over everything. I checked the rocker cover and sure enough that was loose. But still the mystery mist kept appearing.. hmmmmm… Finally I worked out that it was spinning off from the front pulley. Luckily my stash of Viva spares had a new seal. I popped off the timing chain cover and swapped out the very very hard old seal. The nice soft new one stopped the mist. Yay. But that rough idle was annoying me. More so the engine shal=king about and making the exhaust knock the crossmember. This I had to fix. It was too close and sat quite low as well.. So I cut off the down pipe and while it was off I repaired my previous ‘repair’ to the manifold joining flange which had started to leak. Knock be gone but still the car idled rough. I checked the compressions and they were all good @ 150 psi each (which is way higher than the 130 Mr Haynes tells me to expect so I either have a gauge that lies or someone in the past has skimmed the head?) But still the car ran rough. I finally bought a new timing light. A self powered one. So good not having to plug in the battery leads! With my new light I was able to check the timing which turned out to be only about 5 degrees out. So I was happy that Id managed to get it so close just by ear but not happy that it was obviously not the cause of the poor idle. I checked the valve clearances. Now things got messy… the manuals all say check them hot and many sources out there say the best thing is to check them with the engine running….. NEVER AGAIN will I try using feeler gauges on a idling engine! What a kerfuffle and resulting mess! After I had spent many clean rags clearing up the oil from everywhere I set the clearances hot. They were all pretty good actually. I screwed the rocker cover down and started the engine. TINK TINK TINK TINK TINK…. WTF?!!! Where’s that coming from. Oh no.. have I dropped a valve? Sounds like piston slap or a broken piston top but higher pitched? Oh dear I thought. I popped the cover off and started the engine. Sound has gone! What? Looked at rocker cover and I could see marks underneath from where a rocker was just touching my altered breather gallery… Oh OK. So tightening the cover down further on a new hot cork gasket just pulled it down that bit more to touch. One swift smack with the hammer and the sound was gone So what is causing the rough running then. I had been pulling the plugs after every few runs to look at the condition. Always the front 1 and 2 plugs were clean and borderline lean. The rear 3 and 4 always a touch oily. Hmmmm. Then I looked at my servo and breather lines heading into my inlet manifold- remember back when I changed the positions?.. I popped off the servo one and sucked on it. Hang on… no resistance! What? Bugger me.. I have a split diaphragm in the servo causing an air leak. Which also explains the hefty brake pedal ( I’d just put that down to poor brakes bedding in or not being manly enough..) I plugged the tee on the manifold and started the car. Wow!! What a difference!!!! So smooth. I was able to lower the idle speed right down. Then double checked the timing, tweeked the carb jet a little and it was heaps better. Next drive was way smoother, engine had more pull and no lurching. Heaven. But I knew it could be even better. So I undid the breather pipe from the inlet and re-routed it down the back of the block, holding it in place by the bottom of the bell housing with a zip tie. I plugged the remaining takeoff on the tee and started the car… even better! Yes!! Having got rid of another ‘air leak’ helped no end plus was also explaining why the rear two plugs were constantly oily. I will source another HC servo and for now just put up with a harder pedal. The brakes work well but just need a shove. As for the inlet take off I will move the position to just after the carb in the middle so its even across all cylinders. The breather can remain to atmosphere. Now I knew the engine was actually OK I gave it an oil change. The old oil was not too dirty but it did smell. It burns a little oil at start up past the inlet valve stems. I have found out that this earlier engine doesn’t have stem seals but a friend who owns many Vivas said they used to slide an O-ring down the stem so most oil ran over the o-ring rather than down the guide. Nifty idea I might try if I do pop the head off. Im now a little reluctant to take the head off as its running well..but I am a little curious to see how carboned up it might be?. So my once rough running Viva is now a very smooth little car to drive. In fact its an utter joy to drive, allowing for a general lacking in power. My fears about driving up hills have been removed. Yeah it’s a bit slow but only on one very steep section do I need second gear, otherwise its third gear and cruise. Its ideal about town and fantastic for popping to the beach, a trip it has done many times now. I like it. I like it a lot. I just cruise. Windows down. Chilled out. Lifes a breeze. I love the way the car handles with the tiny engine up front. Steering is very light and it fun to flick around. Many more little things to tidy up now and make it a nicer place. Hannah’s mum is over from the UK on holiday so I made the most of her baggage and got her to bring over lots of stuff I got cheap on ebay Uk. See here… New dizzy cap, rotor, a full set of mint Vauxhall service manuals (only £1.50 ), full head gasket set (cheap), a few magazines, adjustable electric fan controller, a chrome air filter which doesn’t quite fit but I’ll sort that. So that’s where I’m at now. Just using it. Transporting mountain bikes (easy pesy).. Going to the beach.. Sitting pretty in the afternoon… Taking me down to my local village for moonlit strolls along the beach.. Just generally being a very good fun wee classic daily
  15. No thanks.. enough old money pits here already. Would rather more bicycles (and a hillman imp) I'm sure it'll find a good home. With the money you could buy another x19.