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  1. Sorry if it appears rude to HC Viva fans but Im not a fan of HCs. HBs are my bag..
  2. 10 k at least. It's a viva. I am not delusional.
  3. Once you step foot into Vivadom.....
  4. They are multiplying.....
  5. Fallen in love with that wagon. More likely to sell the V6 one now.. oh the dilemmas on multiple Viva ownership...
  6. Yay- finally...more people will now be there who I can discuss about quality British cars with
  7. Hotboxing in vans...
  8. Yeah- just strip it down, stretch the oil control springs out, give the plates a scuff with a belt sander, drill some ports and rebuild it using appropriate sized electrical cable for your new water seals. Start early in the morning and you'll be ready for a few laps and a feed of KFC by the evening! You can thank me later..my advice is free.
  9. Bring her along. Hannah and Hannah can talk about Hammocks outside Hammer hardware in Hanmer.... I couldnt think of any other H words that worked. I do think there used to be a Hammer hardware there though..but might be wrong.
  10. You'll need to leave early if you buy that old car.....
  11. I too like travelling down during the day to make the most of the sunshine. Keen to join in convoy with NI crew like past years if possible. Nice to get there early, setup camp and get on start going hard on cups of tea early.
  12. I'm not sure what vehicle I take or when but will stay in touch about this ! Keen to share if need be.
  13. Im pretty sure the 1159 and 1256 share the same starter?.....