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  1. That combination of hot dip galvanising and Hong Shin 175/80 never fails to be the cherry on top for a potential award winning show car.
  2. That field out front would ideal for croquet, which would go well with cheese and wine and the french shit Dylans talking about
  3. I can post you my oxy torch tip files....
  4. Well... at least having carbs means you get to generate pretty patterns It is a shame that re-cert costs the full whack, so I believe, even if it's just one thing that's been changed. That was my one gripe and issue I raised when the lvvta did their survey a while back.
  5. I thought you could do injection so long as you dont have an increase in power of more than 20% ? If it were mine Id just slap the injection on there and run it. Im sure any half decent friendly garage wouldn't give a shit. Mine wouldn't. All you are after is better running eh.. not mega power.
  6. Yeah- some of them hardly get any winter sun.
  7. Did you have your bike down there? Trails in good nick?
  8. Hopefully this year!!!! Great drive down to a great place, with great people, great biking, food, hotpools. Maybe even snow!??
  9. It's all finished ages ago and the owner loves it. Takes it camping etc. Has now got some posh fold out tent thing on the roof.
  10. Hiya and cheers. the hatch was made by one of old boys at that workplace while I was away on holiday. He did a great job. As for the paint job.. not sure on cost but it would not have been cheap. There was a shit load of prep work and a lot of paint on there. You can always message the painter- Shane at Custom Colours, Nelson. he has a face book page here... (copy and paste url into search bar?) https://www.facebook.com/Custom-Colours-Nelson-727054040699835/?ref=br_rs Alex
  11. Ha! I was more thinking a light all alloy V6. But hell.. I dont think many piazzas come up for sale at all now. That seems fairly cheap? If its cert'd then does that mean it can be made road legal?
  12. Damn its looking good. Piazzas... I always used to see them only as parts bins for Chevettes and sadly that's the way many have gone. Now I see yours and think 'wow.. I'd like one of them' With a V6..
  13. It looks so lush. I was very tempted by this myself but.... no spare coin. Maybe one day.. but by then they will finaaly be hit with Mazda tax and out of reach.. Anyway- I have this that I'd bought in the UK at some random swap meet. Might be of help! I want to keep it but totally happy to post it up to you. You use it/copy it and when finished post it back. PM me your address.
  14. As promised... look at that paint dry.... Battery box is all done. Forgot to take photo of wooden lid and a strap to hold it down, made from the nylon belt from some old endura bike shorts. I knew it would come in handy one day.. I couldn't resist..I had to cut open the filter for a look. Wow.. Ok.. so yeah.. that'll be a bit blocked then... I refitted the tank, added a new line so now the fuel rail return runs straight to the main tank and the overflow from the surge tank runs into the other new tank fitting. I ran the system through to clean it before connecting to main rail feed. Started car.. ooohhh. Much quieter and seems a bit smoother. Popped the car outside and plugged the laptop in. Watched it warm up and waited till it was off the warm up enrichment. Idle was tad out so a tweek here and there. Its better but more importantly it should remain consistant. I still have the lean out idle surge in the first half minute after starting the hot engine when its been sat a while. I have suspected for a while that this might be due to heatsoak from the hot bay/radiator area into the inlet pipe where the inlet temp sensor sits. Maybe it sees a much higher temp and alters the mixture? I dont know? The temp sensor is plastic bodied and insulated from the alloy by some foam. Hmmm. I need to work this out as its annoying. Some one suggested ages ago to turn off the 'use inlet temp at startup' feature.. but that would only affect the fist startup and few seconds after? Its starts fine as is, hot or cold, but just starts to stumble up and down for a half minute. Any ideas? You can tell me here... Anyway.. I decided that the car was a bit dirty and was due a wash. The evening was warm so Kevin the cat and I gave it a clean. Kevin actually only played in his bowl of water, chasing sticks. I cleaned the car. I might even apply some wax on it in the morning since its so clean...