Left to rot

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The content for this week’s left to rot comes from a Japanese exploration blog. The amount of rare and rusty steel astonishes me – this stuff is just sitting around! … and a lot of it looks like it could be saved… Check it out here: http://kusahiroexploration.blog107.fc2.com/page-1.html

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1970 Triumph Vitesse

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I recently made a blog post about my visit to Manfeild for the MG Charity Classic and fizzed up in that blog about a certain Triumph Vitesse.

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It’s that time again and the oldschool hunters have been busy whipping out their potato-cameras. This week we have shots taken from far and wide, starting with this cool XP Falcon in Thailand.

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It feels like the last three weeks have driven past at 100mph, but not to worry, the oldschool.co.nz community has been busy!

Datsun280z’s project has only bee online since the middle of may and so far it’s been a great read! We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one.

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If you have never been to either of the MG Car Club run events every year then get yourself along to the next one in November because these guys know how to run a race meeting. Join me as I give you a quick overview of what you missed.

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Left to Rot

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In Left to Rot this week we have a bunch of shots that could have come straight from an art book (or your grandfathers worst nightmare).

First up we have this rare Mk1 Morris Traveller.

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When you assemble a bunch of people who’re into cars, there’s always going to be conversations along the lines of: “Well XYZ car is lighter, but its got less power… So it should be quicker in the corners and faster overall” or “Well this car is a little heavier, but it’s got better brakes” Or an infinite combination of theoretical arguments that cannot be convincingly solved with words alone… No matter how many beers are lubricating the conversation.

However! Some people in this world love to discuss other types of things instead.
The implications of the moon being made of cheese; The irony of extinct Dinosaurs being pumped into the atmosphere thereby causing another extinction; Whether Jaja Binks is worse than Nickleback; Or other such completely improbable, unsolvable, and highly disputable topics.

So by comparison, I think us car people have got it lucky in that we’ve got such a hilariously fun way to lay rest to any disputes… Gymkhana!

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Spotted’s back and the thread has been busier than ever! Go have a click around, there’s a whole lot of cool that couldn’t make it into this week’s spread.

We’ll open up with this badass VW “ZOMBIE” rod from Christchurch. We approve!

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This is the first of our oldschool-tech articles, thanks to the user Cylinders for doing the hard yards putting this together! It’s a basic guide for restoring old wooden steering wheels – it’s cool to see what can be achieved with a bit of elbow grease! He tells me that there’s a part two in the works for restoring a leather Nardi, who’s interested?

“I bought this beautiful Momo Indy wheel the other day and it needs restoring, so I’m going to fix it up and show off the end results.

This is Peanut, and the motivating factor in today’s sanding:

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Deciding to make the most of a long weekend, a few of the Wellington oldschool.co.nz contingent (and one devoted member from Palmerston North) met up for a casual Sunday drive, looking to share a couple of beers and a couple of yarns. Attendance was on the low side but as always we made up for it with the mix of cars and people.

Leaving Wellington City and the blustery weather behind, the Kapiti Coast provided a few rays of sun and we were able to replenish our thirst (its tough work you know) while waiting for a few late comers. Continue Reading…