Mercedes Benz Museum

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Both Porsche and Mercedes Benz have sunk what must be a huge amount of cash into both of their museums, I guess that both of these buildings are acting as a bit of a status symbol for the  respective brands in a way only a German company could do so. The Mercedes Benz museum is closer to the centre of town than the Porsche museum, so the walk there isn’t so long – only about 4km, being located next to the Mercedes Benz  Arena the automotive branding in Stuttgart is obvious.

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Gatebil 2015: The Pits

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I think the thing that is more remarkable the the sheer number of cars that are shredding tyres at Gatebil is the engineering that goes into those cars. As many of you will know Gatebil is the home of anything goes. You don’t really think about it coming from New Zealand, but in Norway winter lasts for 8 months and has very short days. Alcohol is incredibly expensive and as such is reserved for special occasions only. They also earn a comparatively high wages. So the question is, what do you do with money and time that isn’t being wasted by drinking? Build epic cars is obviously the answer!

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During a recent trip through Europe with my wife we made a day trip to visit the Enzo Ferrari museum located in Modena and also the Ferrari Museum in Maranello. We had Stayed in Bologna the night before and were heading to Florence that night, so we got up nice and early, dropped our bags off at the luggage storage at the Bologna train station and caught the train to Modena. The train was a very reasonable price of 4 euro and took 30 minutes, when you hop off the train at Modena station you follow the yellow signs painted on the ground with Mr Enzo Ferrari’s signature and after a short walk you end up at the entrance to the Museo Enzo Ferrari .

After walking down the driveway you end up between two buildings, one is a modern yellow and glass building that holds most of the museum and next to it is Enzo Ferrari’s old house/workshop that houses the engine museum. He actually sold this house to buy his first race car back in the day. For 15 euro you get access to both of these museums or for 26 euro you also get a ticket to the Museo Ferrari Maranello. If you want to visit both museums and don’t have your own transport you will also need to pay 12 euro for a return shuttle ticket.

On the left is the main museum and on the right is the engine museum

We started off in the engine museum, This contains everything from single cylinder test engines to the V12 from an Enzo as well as a selection of Formula 1 engines spanning their decades in the sport.

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I feel that this picture perfectly sums payday loan direct lender up the craziness of Gatebil; A 550 hp V10 BMW, 4 up, doing one of the longest powerslides I have ever seen. Did I mention that you could be in the car for the low, low price of 500 NOK.

If you haven’t heard about, or project payday scam don’t know what Gatebil is, let me try and explain; Gatebil is a drifting festival held across 3 days in Norway. The Gatebil company runs 5 of these events through summer with the “big one” being held at Rudskogen in the start of July. If you love cars this event should definitely be on you bucket list, I described it to my partner as “Nats on P” and Gatebil did not fail to deliver… Continue Reading…

Fast forward a couple of months and half a dozen countries and now we are in Germany.I visited Stuttgart which is in the South-Western corner of Germany solely to visit the Porsche and Mercedes Benz museums. Stuttgart can be identified by the large rotating Mercedes logo on top of the central train station and the number of Porsches driving the streets; a 911 seems to be standard equipment for fetching the morning paper.

A few people on the forum have visited these two museums but most haven’t so here’s a story and some photos for those that haven’t. I visited the Porsche museum one day and the Mercedes the following, however you could do them both in the one day if you wished, just note that they are about 10km apart so how you get from one to the other is up to you. The Porsche museum is about 8km from the centre of town, sensible people would catch the tram but I chose to walk…

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Volvo – Made by Sweden

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Following Trollhattan I found myself in Gothenburg, Swedens second largest city and one which I think is cooler than Stockholm. Why? Because it’s where Volvos are born!

Now I will start with a warning for any future travellers hoping to visit the Volvo museum. The museum is located in the suburb of ‘Arendal’ which is basically Volvo city. It is located approximately 13km from the centre of town out in the industrial part of town out past the port, oil/gas supply tanks and stuff like that. Funny story, the bus that runs out there does not operate on the weekend, well it does if you call the bus company in advance and they will send a bus for you, I was there on the weekend and didn’t have a phone with me. So what did I do? I walked there.

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Left to rot

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The Left to rot thread has been a bit quiet for the last few months. Everyone needs to get out there and gather more pictures of cool old rotten stuff!

First up is this sweet old Datsun that one of our members is planning to save from the scrapyard:

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Trollhättan  is this quiet little town on the western side of Sweden. It sits about a third of the way between Gothenburg on Swedens south west coast and Karlstad, which is a bit more inland and further north. People may have heard of Gothenburg before as it is Swedens second largest city, WRC fans may have heard of Karlstad before as it plays home to Rally Sweden every year in late January/early February.

Trollhättan is on Swedens tourist list of places to go because of its Panama canal style locks and a dam that gets opened every year in summer, flooding the river downstream. But it’s March, late winter, and I’m not here for any of that – I’m here to look at Saabs.

Before Saab closed its doors a few years back Trollhättan was home to the Saab factory, today it is home to the Saab museum, a car museum that not many people know exists.

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I know, I know, it’s been a while since the last spotted post. But it’s okay, the action hasn’t stopped in the oldschool spotted thread so there are plenty of pics of sweet old cars for you to sift through!

We’ll start with a few photos from one of our members who has recently visited the Saab museum in Trollhattan. Weirdly cool name for a place and it’s filled with weirdly cool cars!

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Drag racing!

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Mid December. A time of the year that most normal people associate with awkward work functions, overly difficult christmas shopping and busy streets in the city centre. But not for….


December 13th marked the second running of the Christmas Tree Drag Race Spectacular, and what a spectacular day it was! As usual with oldschool events we had a huge variety of cars – from very old to retro and from standard to insane, as well as the best selection of automotive maniacs you’ve ever met.

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