Apart from a general interest in older cars, at any particular weekend I can be found Roman around the country, seeking excitement and adventure and exploring as many different beautiful locations around the country as I can.
My preference for living is to do my own thing at a time that suits me, when and how I want.
Which is great, but the complete lack of organization required to live in such a way makes something as simple as planning what I’m going to have lunch for tomorrow, seem like a huge and impossible logistical nightmare.

Rather than sneering at people with organizational skills however, it all gives me an immense appreciation for the actual effort that must go into planning and organizing large events of any sort.
How do you organize 100 or so people from all over the country, with all different interests, all different types of cars, all different types of personalities, into a single event… It sounds like an event planners worst nightmare!
Yet The OS Nationals is exactly as described above, and it’s one of the most exciting and well run events on my Calendar each year without a doubt!

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Left to rot

Truenotch —  April 11, 2014 — Leave a comment

This week’s left to rot brings us a varied range of rusty wrecks from around the country – head to the left to rot thread to join the search for dead/dying machines.

Rare Datsun coupe in the South Island

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Burnt and broke, the last run from LV out to LA begins. We stop at Pomona and check out the Wally Parks Drag Museum during the day and a Cuban restaurant for dinner. Best feed we had on the West Coast. Then into LA which is all about getting the car to the shippers, renting a car, touristing, then getting home. Over it. Over the road. Over each other. Grumpy.

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This week’s spotted is the first one for a few months, so it’s time to play catch up, starting with this Porsche 911 in Christchurch – ride height approved!

Low 911

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Part 4 from The Bronze:

“The next big step from Reno was Wendover, the town that services Bonneville. The run down the hill into Wendover from the Reno side is awesome; expansive, peculiar and oh so exciting because you know you’ll find your mates there and make some new ones. Buy water. Buy beer. Go to the Salt. Mind blown. Leave Salt. Buy beer. Eat at Casino. Drink beer in carparks. Sleep in car briefly. Wake to blinding sun. Rinse. Repeat. The engineering, the intensity of the racers’ focus, the comraderie of the spectators who’ve made the pilgrimage.

At this point I should introduce Bonnie and Betsy. Bonnie is Cam’s Model A, and Betsy is the Dodge 440 camper that carried the almighty Ratbags through the desert. Their story is grand, too grand for this short page, but if you want the DL on Cam & Bonnie’s story duck over to SpeedHunters here: http://www.speedhunters.com/2012/08/american-delivery/ Continue Reading…

Random snap for this week from John Mead www.johnmead.co.nz . This is Gary Rush’s Hillman Imp from the Pre65 race series at Hampton Downs – after making a pass for the lead he found himself in a bit of strife (a number of minis had dropped oil on that corner the day before) – which lead to this spectacular photo. Thanks for sharing John!

Unfortunately it also ended in a touch between Gary’s Imp and the MkI Cortina he’d been battling against… But that’s motorsport.

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It’s 226 miles.

What could possibly go wrong?

The cigarette lighter.

So you’re pulling a solid 60mph on the freeways, with a bit of traffic every now and then to keep you honest, but cruising through some golden fields, all under a royal-blue sky towards Folsom Prison. The car is running beautifully, and the factory radio is dialing in some mad Christian AM station and you’re going to stop at Folsom to say hello to the ghost of Johnny Cash. It’s only right. And then your TomTom dies, and the Blackberry isn’t mapping. And you pull off at a McD’s, because the needle is a bit closer to hot then you’d like, and you need air con because you’re not used to the heat, and you forgot to pace yourself son. Lets not forget you just spent two days on a plane and six days hardly sleeping in New York. And just avoided matching tattoos in San Fran. Pace yourself son. Continue Reading…

Part 2 from The Bronze:

“What San Francisco does have is a sweet public transport system. You feel like you’re jumping on a star shuttle, or Jefferson Starship and looping round Battlestar Galactica. Seriously, it’s that sweet, far better than the cesspit of NY subways. So we jumped on that Jefferson Starship out to Castro Valley with $5000 slightly soiled American dollars to meet Mike, the guy I was buying this car off. Hot day. Suitcases. Public Train. Car I’d never seen. 1500 odd miles ahead. Fearless.

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This is part one of a five part series submitted to us by oldschool.co.nz user The Bronze – detailing his adventure of heading to the USA to buy an old car, driving it across the states and shipping it home. Thanks for the content Mike!

“Everyone should, at one point in their life, find themselves standing on a stretch of scorching asphalt in the middle of a desert, pouring sun-warmed water over their head and singing to themselves “I’m so lost out on the highway, with no direction left to go”. That point in my life was at Coyote Springs – somewhere between Ely, Nevada and Las Vegas.

To be honest, we weren’t lost; we had a TomTom, iPhones, Blackberrys and a map we’d picked up in a Reno casino, but, I had always wanted to belt out that song in the perfect place, and standing there, sweaty, tired, listening to Bonnie rumbling, while I pissed on a little cactus on the side of the road seemed about the best one. With that seminal life moment ticked off I grabbed a PBR from the boot and the convoy headed off down Route 168 past what has to be the most insanely located golf course towards Vegas. Golf is not a desert sport. Is it? Continue Reading…

Velodrome racing – an activity that many oldschool.co.nz members get involved with while “off the clock” of their regular projects [read: procrastinating with home made motorbikes]. This week’s event post comes courtesy of our member “steelies” – one of the pioneers of velodrome racing. Thanks a lot sir!

Two days of racing home-built motorized bikes in the Rotorua velodrome.

“Along with some top quality merriment and a good catch-up with friends from across the north island, Dromageddon gave us a chance to test steeds old and new; in sprint races, casual laps and a one-hour endurance race.

Saturday morning was a touch hazy, and Via hardware store coffee, some mower shops and a memorable hoarding excursion we arrived to a velodrome with nothing but grass and sunshine in it.

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