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Hydrolocked diesel


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We had a bit of rain yesterday and the ford was looking a bit high and out of shape so I decided to call on the big wheels of my new 90s Isuzu elf.


Unknown to me the bottom of the air filter housing had been broken/lost and someone had just driven some screws in to hold the filter in place. 

As soon as it hit the water, the engine stopped and wouldn't turn over.


I pulled the truck out with the mighty grey Ferguson and now it's sitting in the drive.


So what can I do? My gut says to take out the glow plugs and turn it over but there's a radiator in front of the crank pulley and reaching in there doesn't seem to be a nut to put a socket on.


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37 minutes ago, GuyWithAviators said:

Turn it over with the key on the starter.. never done this but see plenty of videos of 4wd guys doing this 


And change the oil

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