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I worked out a deal for this tidy old girl in mid 2017 but didn't pick up til end of the year as fella still needed it until he moved back to Singapore. I managed to pick it up a couple days before the OS drag day so @rxtoy could drive it when he flew over and he could race me in my City.

Its an '86 Gsl 1800 5-speed Cordia which has only just clicked over 112000kms. (Had just over 103000 when I collected it) It was my dads life long friends, who was the 2nd owner and had it since 1990. 

Has been garaged most of its life as in the early days of Kens ownership, he was still on active with compulsory Singapore Military service, so 6 months of each year he was over there, then when he was in Nz he worked mostly from home. 

Its not perfect, but a pretty tidy survivor. 

I don't drive it much these days but I really should get it on the hoist soon and give it a service plus get the taillight seal issue sorted. Its a bit shit to drive around town, but its a dream on the open road. The thing cruises mint at 100-110 and just floats along the road. 


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