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Been chipping away on the B-truck this week. Trying to do something on it every day, even if its just ordering a part and installing something minor. 

Got the bumper assembled and fitted up, made a joiner for the upper radiator hose and put a new lower hose on then filled with coolant. Found a leak from a split intake manifold coolant hose so swapped that out, brought and fitted all my front end light bulbs and ditched the stock fan and hid a 14" elec jobby behind the grill to clean up the bay amd made some spacer to shim some more negatory camber into the front.



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Fastforward to this weekend. Lay under it out in the sun for a while on Sat thinking about the notch in tank x-member for diffhead and figuring out shock setup.

Ripped the tray off and got stuck in. Got the tank x-member notch done and gusseted before days end Sat.



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  • 1 month later...

Scored a few bits for the BlueWaffle last weekend. A mate sent me some pics of a City at Manukau U-pick, so myself and @piazzanoob went for a gander. 

My seats are pretty wasted, so the plan was to use the Manhattan City seats in the blue car, but thats still down south so I pulled a good rear seat from it which will clean up sweet, and there was a ba5 Prelude there too, so I robbed the front seats from that.

Also got a drivers lower arm which has a better balljoint than mine and some other random bits that were missing.



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I really should do something about getting the Manhattan up here. Mates been pretty good storing it for this past year for me and letting me get other purchases dropped off at his place. At least my Recaro Lx collection is multiplying whilst its down there.  




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Bit more progress on the B2000 over the past few weeks. 

I had a bunch of stainless tube and bends lying around, but havn't had the hoist free or the time to make a system, so when I spotted this setup that a guy was selling I thought I'd better jump on it.

He was parting out his bagged truck for some reason which never actually made in on the road. 

He had the system made to tuck up above the chassis rails but still fit the stock chassis mounting points.

Has an AdrenelinR muffler and reasonator fitted so wouldn't have been a cheap setup to get made. 

Can't complain for $425 shipped from Timaru to Akl... He even made this sweet crate to send it up in.


My shifter bush kit finally showed up from Aussie, so I swapped out all the worn shit and fitted a new non-split boot then got it installed. Tight boxes are gooooood.




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Tracked down a bunch of little stuff to suit the facelift swap. Newer style headlight/corner light connectors, and a few random clips I was missing.

Also got a pair of guard indicator lenses and mounts which were a bit faded and dull. Hit them with the mini-buff for a few mins each and got some shine back into them. 


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Fairly productive weekend.

Got some new cu-ni hardlines made for the b2000 on thursday/friday afternoons, and Saturday I welded the brackets on to suit the new flexi hose I picked up Friday. 

@piazzanoob spilled butter chicken in my Gmc, then gave me a hand to bleed the brakes & clutch, so thats a big peice of the puzzle ticked off. 

Also gave my daily (which I havn't dailyed in 5 months) Laser wagon a birthday, and got the Cambelt/Waterpump done as well as a service which I finished up tonight. 

I also brought yet another shitbox to occupy space I don't have, in the form of a T2 city. Its a fucked rolling body, but will make for a good mezzanine ornament or garden art...




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  • 3 months later...

Shit mang, bumped back to page 5. Terrible


Got my tallboy up back in December. Mark & Chris Petch from Racer Products brought it up in thier fancy race truck. Highly likely it was the shittest thing that the tail-lift has ever lifted.





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