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Knew I got a bit ahead of myself at the start of lastyears lockdown. I never should have hippo-lined the tray before I check diff head to floor clearance. 

I didn't want to raise the truck, so hacked a hole in the painted floor and patched it in higher. 



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The workhorse just doing workhorse things. As long as you keep it fed with lots of fuel, it just keeps going.

Took some garden waste to the dump over Xmas and did some stockcar collection/ prep with my sidekick. 




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Pretty under the pump with workload, but trying to keep so.ething happening on the ute each week even its something minor.

Clint came round a few weeks back and had a look over the b2000 for an unofficial cert check of sorts. Majority of what he noted I knew about, but just hadn't sorted yet. One thing I overlooked, was the tyre load rating not being quite enough to suit the gvm of truck. 

Gvm according to carjam is 2400kg. The tyres fitted to the 18s were a pair of new 215/35s up front, and a pair of used but good 225/35s out back. Total load rating between them was just under 2200kg

I couldn't find any tyres with the same profile but a higher load rating, so unfortunately had to step up to 225/40s all round. Got a set of  china blackcock/lion/hawk cheapys sorted last week, and shot round to Platinum Automotive this arvo so I could pinch his gear and swap them over. 

Bit if a cost I didn't expect, but shit happens, I should have known better.


Side note, centre mount tyre machines are epic. 




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Kind of hard to tell through pics, but they are a bit chunkier than the 215/35 in the above post. Easier to see in person.

Crazy how much a small profile change can affect the look of the wheel.




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Another issue I knew about but needed an opinion on, and that Clint also brought up was the wheel nuts.

As these are American wheels, they are made to suit a 1/2" stud, so the bores are a bigger i.d. The wheel nuts I threw on to roll it around didn't have a big enough taper seat and ended up with the hex inside the taper a bit like in the pic. 

Went round to see what BG Wheels had, and found a better suited nut. According to them the largest on offer for a metric nut. They just take up all of the taper seat on rim so hopefully they do trick for Cert. 



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Got lasercutting back, and fizzed up a pair. 

Minor amount of tweaking but all-in-all, not a bad initial measure. 

Bit ridiculous how much time I have in these but gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes...




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  • 2 months later...

Been a while since an update. 


Back tracking about 8-9 months ago I brought a City T1 seat from Japan. It was through Moonlight just before he did his last shipment and unfortunatly I just missed that last container. It was no big deal as I wasn't in a rush, so it ended up getting put aside at Stacked waiting for the first shipment from Empire Imports. 

Fast forward to about a month ago. It finally lands, and is ready for pickup. International shipping is fucked as of late.

Anyway, it wasn't the seat I wanted, I actually went halves in all the costs with a guy who wanted it for his T1 resto, but it was the small woofers in the back and base that are pretty hard to find. 

These came as an optional Pioneer audio 'BodySonic' package. Basically a mono woofer that makes no sound but just gives a vibration with the music. 

I allready have the BodySonic control unit so now I just have to find another seats worth of woofers to retrofit into my Tallboy City project one day. 





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Those are the bits I wanted from it... Rare find. 

And can see the BodySonic control amp that came with another YAJ score mid last year. Also got the correct optional head-deck made by Pioneer for the Citys with that score.



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A few weeks ago I managed to bring the b2000 inside to make a push to finish it. 

Took tray off for the last time, and got the taillight wiring/earths run, and also cut & raised the driveshaft hanger bearing to get better d-shaft alignment. 

Gave the rear clip a clean and the rear cab wall a quick hand polish and put the tray back on for good. 

Also managed to snag a nice pair of license plate lights which I had been hunting for a while from Zebra 




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Got the tailgate hinges powdercoated, and the latches re-passivated with new fasteners to suit. 

A buddy colourmatched the tailgate a while back, and I got a new handle too as the old one was broken. 




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Got the cab aligned on frame side to side, and bolted it down. Got some new tray mounts bolts and shimmed it to suit cab then bolted down tight. 

Put some new plugs on the taillight looms as the old ones were a bit smashed up.  Got some nice new clear/red/clear tail-light lenses off Ebay last year, so got those fitted up. 

Other than tracking down some bumper delete panels for below the tailgate, thats the rear end buttoned up, so gave the interior a good vacuum out. Original carpets actually nicer than I thought. 





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