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Matt / rxford's junk.


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Remade all new earths throughout the car, and got main power connected with some nice terminals I had lying around. Swapped all the front light plugs to the newer style to suit the facelift front swap. Tested lights but had nothing at the rear. Found the main loom to rear end had been cut next to drivers seat, so soldered that back togethor and everything works mint.




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After running the engine a couple Fridays ago, I noticed a leak from steering box output shaft. Whipped it out on the Monday and dropped it down to PG Hydraulics. They put a new seal in and bench tested. Collected it on the Thursday and threw it back in that night. 

I'm not a huge audio guy, but have had a bunch of gear lying around for years. Sorted through some bits and made a decision on what to run.

Pioneer bluetooth headunit that came out of my Lexus.

Pair of Pioneer 6" speakers in the rear 1/4s. I keep them when I sold my old Vt commy because they sounded good. 

Some 4" Jvc speakers to go in the factory dash speaker location.

And an old Amp and Sub that a customer didn't want when he put new gear in his truck. Even had an Rca cable to suit in my stash of bits.

Just had to buy a fuse and some speaker / 12v+ cables for it all.



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Spent Matariki Friday making the mounts for the rear 1/4 speakers. I didn't have the factory optional mount so I got creative. Probably a bit overkill but I needed to recess them in so they didn't hit the trim panel. They sound awesome so pretty happy with the result for someone who doesn't do much woodwork.




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It was a tight fit, but I managed to fit the Amp under the passengers seat. I lifted it up off the carpet a little incase it gets warm from bulk doof doof.

Whipped up some simple mounts this afternoon that allow the amp to be removed with taking the seat out if need be. Not that its hard to take seat out. 

I'l finish wiring the Amp tomorrow, hook the Sub up and see if I can rattle any bog out. 



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