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Baldies XC Falcon discussion

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You can use a too big carb and it might go ok at high rpm but it will be costing efficiency for normal driving 


IMO it is better to size the carb for how you do 95% of your driving. Ie if you spend 95% of the time tootling around town /at the speed limit then theres no point putting a race spec carb on that doesnt work well at low air speed situations 

The 318 in my vg has a 500cfm carb on it and runs exactly the same 1/4 times as one I had 20+ years ago that had a bigger cam , single plane manifold and a 650dp 

And it runs much more efficiently 

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Pretty much bang on there Cletus.

Which is why i have gone for a vac sec instead of mech, aswell as the fact it cost a box of beers. I live 25km out of town so the 600 should give decent economy when cruising the open road while still giving enough fuel when enjoying a thrashing on the backroads.

The 2 barrel 500 Holleys were designed for speedway cars as far as i know, fuel economy is not a factor for them nor is low rev driveability. If it was a 4barrel 500 i had on the car i would keep it, but it isn't.

Had a 350 on it with the smaller cam and was a good match with the overall setup, couldn't supply enough air up top with the bigger cam. The 500 is better but still not right.

Now the fact that a 2bbl 500 carb only flows 354cfm in 4bbl ratings, doesn't help matters. 4 bbl carbs have much smaller primaries than the 2bbls so cruising on primaries 'should' be more economical. While having superior flow up top.

Would like to try a 465 or 570 out, but 600s have been proven to work time and again on these lumps, just have to decide how to mount it...

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Yeah I had a 500 holley 2bbl on a car I had a while ago and it sucked, the good thing is they are quite sought after for probably speedway like you say so I was able to sell it and get a 4bbl 500 new for only slightly more  

What do you rev it to? I seem to remember an article on them in a magazine years ago that mentioned something about 250s having a bore/stroke/rod length combo that didnt like high rpm 

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I have taken it to 6k a few times and it does it well enough but throws the waterpump belt any higher than that. If i ever get to drive it regular again i will add a deflector pulley or change the brackets around.

The best way to get them to rev is put the 200ci rods in them with special pistons, but acl stopped making the pistons a decade or so ago.

There is one guy in oz who takes his to 7500 on the strip but he has many years and mega cash in his motor. Sounds horny as with triple webbers on it though.

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Colourscheme ideas for when body is finished....

Back to oe spec colour and vinyl roof was the gameplan. 



But part of me thinks that satin black body, no trim strip, black vinyl roof. Gloss black bumpers and cragars. Chrome around front and rear screens, and gutter channel chrome, would look choice.

Throw some ideas at me fellas.

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I really like satin or matt black but I do think it makes the car look cheaper, like you cant afford a "proper" paint job 

Which is fine if that's the look you want or if the car is a bit of a beater anyway  


That factory colour is nice

IMO a respray in that colour and keep all the factory chrome  

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Yeah i just did the satin black version on forza, looked better in my head.

So oe spec it is. Looks much better irl too.

Going for a quick shakedown run today, need to turn it around so may as well go up n down the street a few times to shake the last cobwebs off.

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