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Tortron's 1985 DR200 *they call me mello yello*


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Bought this for parts for the other yellow 200.


Been sitting for a year and not running. So ideal for me cos I only want the brakes and a couple small bits. 

Check the gas. Full of fresh 91

Check the plug. Freshly wire brushed. 

Turn the key. Lights all work so must be a good battery

Press the starter button. Nothing

Kicked it over a few times. Nothing

Kicked it over with the plug out. Dead. 

Kicked it over with a good plug out. Dead

Remember that the last blue DR had a dicky kill switch. Press it a few times and its gummy as and not clicking in and out. 

There's some suspicious green growth on the bike so probably it was in the pond at some stage, or a south facing shed. 

Opened the switch up and it full of gunk, probably bovine in nature. Wiped it off on my jeans and clamped a bit of wire across the solder joints. 

Kick it over and there's a visible spark this time. 

Put the plug back in and kick it

BANG all the unburnt fuel sitting in the exhaust ignites and knocks loose an ankle deep pile of the finest cow shit North of the bombays. 

Kick it again and it slowly chugs into life in a cloud of black smoke, clearing up after a couple of revs and settling into a nice tight idle, not a hint of the typical suzuki top end is fucked, so just send it rattle that these get if you even think about running them 1ml of oil below the level line. 

Once the black smoke cleared, the white smoke began, unmistakably wd40 that was coating the engine and header, so perhaps it didn't have a top end oil leak like I had suspected. 


Still no life on the starter but that will just be the same problem I'm guessing. Rode it around, shocks are still good, probably the forks are leaking but that's the usual. Also the brakes don't do anything which again is typical farm bike spec. Rotor looks well below 3mm. And the seat is torn and brake light isn't working. 


Now I don't feel like wrecking it


$900 will ride it away today with a better seat and il probably fix the starter or I can do the brakes and bump up the price to cover parts



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1985 complete

1987 complete less brakes

2008 - complete (this one)




2003 - stripped and half sold off, some went on the 87

4 additional 1980s frames

aboout 6 sets of forks

3 front wheels

3 small bins of misc parts



and a dr250

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heres one for $50 if you can pick it up



otherwise its around 100-150 from the other wombles on trademe. usually with no tyres unknown bearings and unknown or missing rotor


i would sell a chrome wheel with new bearings, inspec rotor and a knobbly tyre for 80, or an aluminium rim one for 100 with no tyre

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I wanna sell my 87 if anyone is interested

its complete minus the entire front brakes and needs a rear brake linkage rod

wheels have new bearings, swingarm is rebuilt, comes with shock and linkage bearings

pretty sure the rest of it is there, all plastics, headlight is a little melted but fine for offroad. dunno much about the engine, has the kick start welded on, comes with a new kickstart and shaft


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Don't be jelly of my empire of fucked suzukis


I actually have some 90% bikes that Id like to get to 100% so I can sell for cash money


So I bought 1.5 crashed gn250s and another dr200




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