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Sluggy’s Offset Smoker

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  • 4 weeks later...

So got the race spec handle installed, painted the trailer rattle can black. 

Friday 3am, went into work, fired it up, 4.5kg brisket, fed the troops at 2.30pm, was mint as feck. Really happy with how it went, fed about 3 splits an hour to maintain 250 ish F .

Picking up a slab of macro tomorrow to make top for woodbox/bar - should be done by end of week, have a 7kg brisket in the fridge that will get smashed by me and my 10 pod level 2 piss up !!


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Just now, KP_wag said:

Well done mate, looks mint. Did I miss the conditioning step? What wood did you use for this

Did do a burn for a couple of hours then the oil up and 4 hours at 300 prior to the cook. Had a mix of pohutukawa and manuka, I have a couple of m3 of each so that will be the go too for some time.

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On 22/05/2020 at 21:48, KP_wag said:

Looks wicked, perfect murica-lyfe tow wagon to suit too. Are you looking to do gigs with this or is the trailer just for fun?

Just for fun really, I was thinking of hiring it out for weekends when I am not using it. Once the initial excitement is over, I wont be using it all the time. I have a pretty good feel for the fire management and have done 3 briskets in it so far and some ribs happening this week. You could get probably 8 briskets in it. One feeds a lazy 8 - 10 people, so good for crowds over Jacindas prescribed size.

Considering the size, it is pretty efficient, an 8 hour cook uses about half the wood bin (depends a bit on the ambient) that is maintaining 225 - 275 F for that time, roughly 4 - 5 splits an hour. Pic is of a wagyu brisket I did last weekend on at 7am, eating at 6pm after a 2 hour rest.  


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1 hour ago, AllTorque said:

Have you considered coming to Wagnats? Bring this and win an amazing prize.

Can I win Brisket ? Its fucken great !  Everything is up for consideration ! When is it ?

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