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OS boes, i have semi organised a group ride aimed for small bikes on Saturday feb 15, 2 weeks away. Most may have seen this on moped Nz Facebook page but if not come on doooooown. 
proposed route HERE

from Facebag page

Anyone in or around the Bay come for small bike pest, where we will sample the finest of Hawke’s Bay.

The ride will begin at the pools carpark by the port entry, meeting from 9:30 and leaving at 10. We will ride down Marine Parade then a few back roads to Havelock North, climb to the top of Te Mata Peak and marvel at some delicious views. Then carry on through Hastings CBD, along Omahu Road and a wee loop through the Puketitiri Hills back into Napier. Then conclude with a few how ya garns at Shed 2 on West Quay.
The ride is just under 100kms and with a few stops to regroup and refresh should take 2-3 hours ish.

There is the opportunity for bonus gravel road riding or extending the route if enough interest... or if you wanna hang around for the weekend then we can drum up another ride somewhere! I can potentially provide some accommodation for out of towners and a place to park a few trailers/vans/utes etc 

This will be a good chance to come and meet some other small bike pining weirdos, have a few beers and enjoy the lush roads and scenery that Hawkes Bay has to offer. 
The ride is aimed for small bikes less than 250cc. But we wont discriminate if you wanna hang out on your big boy bike. 

Open to suggestions on changes to the route or other roads to ride! I have left the ride relatively short for those on smaller bikes and kept off highways as much as possible. There will be a fair bit of open road riding so make sure you own the road, but being respectful to other drivers etc. but you already knew that.

Got any questions just holla at me!

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9 minutes ago, tortron said:

Are you riding there @Truenotch?

Haha, nope. Still deciding how to get down there. 

13 minutes ago, TimShadboltfan27 said:

Lemme know if you need a place to crash or anything

Churr bol. Gonna crash with my friend in Havelock North. He's hoping to bring his Honda Solo that just arrived in the country. 

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