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Jordan's 1972 MS75 Crown Project - Discussion thread


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guday Jordan

ive never seen a badge like that before, was it on the boot of on the fuel filler flap?


as far as brakes go, what parts are you missing? i have some parts  i could send you but might cost a fortune to send.

you can buy lots of parts out of australia, they assembled and sold MS65s there so they still have a few bits and pieces. mainly suspension bushes is what they have.

Super Pro do every suspension bush except the front inner lower control arm bushings.

and i have no idea what those seats are from but i reckon they'll be more comfortable than the original ones.

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@sheepers - the badge is on the fuel cap - strangely there are no other badges on the rear, just the 330 badge. 

Can anyone advise on what badge should be there (and has anyone got one for sale

In terms of brakes, ive not stripped them yet but I'm presuming they will need full rebuild kits all round due to the time its sat.

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On 09/03/2020 at 00:16, sheepers said:

Yea that's the only one I haven't been able to get. 

Please let me know if you find them.

@sheepers someone on the facebook groups provided the below info -

 Part # 48654-30010 was the part number for the lower control arm for the MS75.

This was superseded to 48654-30020. In date & production order, the part fitted the following Crowns: RS, MS5# 9/67 > 1/71; RS60, MS6#, MS75 2/71 > 9/74; RS80, MS8#, MS95 10/74 > 8/79; RS110, MS11#, LS110  9/79 > 7/83; YS120, MS12#, LS120  8/83 > 8/87.  

Superpro stock the 30020 under SPFK1129K - measurements below. Will check at weekend if it looks like it will fit.



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