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  1. Got a jig set up & the car mounted, ready to bare metal underneath & make a start on the sills etc.
  2. Big job done today getting the body off, no evidence of chassis rot just some surface rust to wire wheel.
  3. Top & sides of the rear window done.
  4. Has anyone replaced the chrome trim studs in the rear window? Ill have to cut a few of mine out.
  5. Rear pillar repairs done after work this week, happy with how this turned out considering the curves involved.
  6. New sills arrived today - they look spot on after a quick mock fit.
  7. First of the rear pillars done - the other side is much worse sadly.
  8. Took a break from the front end to tackle the roof. Rear pillars next.
  9. Really taking shape now - the bumper, grille & bonnet chrome are only mock fitted, next jobs are to finalise them, along with welding to the drivers side wing & a pillar.
  10. Defiinity a motivation boost seeing it like this
  11. Wing mock fiitted ready for some rust repairs
  12. Been a while since I've updated this one, a mixture of the R34 stagea build, moving house & uninteresting progress, but finally something worth sharing - finally got the whole shell bare metalled and into primer.
  13. Todays delivery from @sheepers The crowns been neglected while I've built an R34 Stagea, but I should be back on the crown soon.
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