EpochNZ's 1973 Saab 99

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Digging around inside this evening before tea.....Dash is in really good condition


As are the passengers ashtrays...


I'll do a gif soon of how the swedish seatbelts work....totally arse about face.


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Shit day at work today, concluding with a visit to my desk by the CEO.  Immediate Boss (GC) stood up for me but still Cack.

Got home and attacked the Passenger Door Doorcard to work at getting the lock barrel.  Got this far before being driven inside by Mosquitos and thirst.


Not as bad as it could be I suppose but something will have to happen to the bottom and the outer skin (one of the few places to have a hole in the body).  Once I've arranged a weatherproof cover the door will come off for some work.  Tomorrow nights job will be getting the barrel out (if I can work out how).

Oh, and another win was finding the full Saab 99 Parts Manual on an Irish Saab site (I know, go figure).

Time for beer.

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After a week of dodging hail showers in the evenings while working half in/half out of the Saab I finally found some good weather today.....so decided to take the seats out for shits and giggles.  It has at least let me get eyes on some more of the floor but I'm not any closer to getting the key barrel out.  Damn Scandinavians....

Seat mechanisms are all still good as are the frames, so hopefully it will be case of Motor Upholstery for Dummies and we will be good to go.


Gotta love those headrests.


Che Guevara tee shirt being gainfully employed to mop up water under the carpet....which is an excellent use as he was (to quote Eddie Izzard) a mass murdering fuck head.

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Now with added straightness!


Being winter and all I think this is how things are going to progress for the next few months.  Spend sunny weekends ripping things out, then dank, dark weeknights fixing them up inside beside the fire.

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Another day of Fun, Hi-Jinks and Frolics at Chez Saaaab.

After the first coffee of the morning and finishing stacking the last of the firewood I took off the right front wheel to see what horrors lurked within.


First good bit of news is that it is wearing the ATE style brake calipers which look a mite easier to work on than the standard Saaaab Girling models.  The guard is pretty good, but not sure about the area around the driveshaft tunnel....


Oh Darn......might need to consult with @yoeddynz on what can be done....

AND....later on the day (with thanks to @RUNAMUCK ), the question that has plagued Saaab owners ever since Sweden started a eugenics program focusing on turning out leggy blondes by the Harem full........How does a 99 look with wider feet?


Not bad....not bad at all..... (205/16's for those following along at home)

Needs lowering...eventually.

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Mental Health Day today after having to push through at work for 3 days despite feeling ill all Sunday.  Chance to catch up on some sleep and reacquaint myself with the sun.

More skirting around the edges on Agnetha while I build up the courage to have a crack at getting her started.  She's now fully shod on wider feet and up on some stands at the front to allow some work on the suspension.  More importantly I've got my first look at her sans indicator clusters and front bumper in a drive to replicate a pic i saw (hidden now deep in the Euro Cars thread).  I think I like the look......I'll sleep on it and see.  Definitely needs about an inch (or more) taken out of the height.



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Success breeds success as they say.......so this afternoon with the MIL inside looking after the kids, I grabbed my collection of tools and again headed outside to do battle with the beast.

So in 3 hours I removed and worked on the throttle pulley (sticks like a stick insect stuck on a sticky bun), removed the rear seat to gain access to the boot, unlocked the boot from within (and got showered with rust and crap as it swung open for the first time in decades), started removing the wires and pipes from the fuel tank so it can be removed, drained said fuel tank, removed and flushed radiator expansion tank, and generally just nancied around....

Seeing the boot floor in the cold light of day was a bit of a shock though.


Shouldnt be too hard I suppose.....surely?

I'm "Working from Home" this week so I can see my coffee breaks being taken outside with tools in hand.

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Well, things took a major turn for the worse tonight......

But first, Look!  A Flying Saab!!


With help from @Carsnz123, Agnetha was dragged out to what he refers to as his "Wednesday Night Barry Evening".....and boy, there was much swooning as she was lowered off the trailer and onto the hoist.  "Look, thats a Triumph engine in there, but they put it in backwards!" they all exclaimed, chuffed with their cleverness.  Everyone was taken with her shapely lines and stunning good looks....

And then things started to fall apart....literally.  A bit of gentle prodding around the undergubbins caused large holes to appear where there should be none.  Most unnerving was the area I always suspected was going to be questionable, the bit around the right side transmission tunnel.  The Barry's all shock their heads, declared her "stuffed" and gently drfited away....

So thats where we are.  Things were much worse than originally intended and although theoretically things could be repaired, it would take a shed load of time and money to correct and at the moment I have little of both.

I see my options as:

- Pass her onto another  OS member who will love and cherish her for a 5-10 year overhaul

- Put her on TM as a parts car

- Get the motor going and thrash her around the paddock before giving her a viking funeral

- Put her in dry storage and hope the prices appreciate enough in the next 20 years that she might actually be worth doing.

I have to admit that just lately Ive been wondering if I should part with her anyway and get something that would really get my juices going.......this looks like the impetus to do just that.

For the full disturbing and shocking images taken in true Police Crime Scene Grimy colour, I invite @Carsnz123 to post the pics he took....just dont show the children.

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Finally got a spare moment to get pics on the interwebs 






Whats disappeared is the front structure on the right side for the suspension mounts and engine 










And holes where they shouldn't be. There is lots of rusty parts on the lower section but most of the stuff above the sills is pretty sound. 





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Episode 104:  Loading up on dem carbs....


So after a weekend of migraines and feeling shitty I decided that some progress is better than none (no shit, Sherlock) so decided to get all down and funky on the carb.  After a pre-emptive raid on @h4nd's toolkit I dodged the rain showers to wrestle off my prize.....Strombergs finest (175CD for those following along at home).

This afternoons trick was to get it in bits ready for a bit of a clean (come in @Mr Vapour, I've got a job for you!)....and much to my surprise it looks like, despite having sat in a paddock for the last 10 years, the scrotes who were the last owners had the decency to at least get the carb overhauled before parking her.  As such, the float bowl, butterfly and diaphragm all look in seriously good nick.  Sure, the outside is a tad, crusty, be we know how to fix that, dont we?

Right, now my eyes are out on stalks again (with attendant headache) so its drugs and back to bed....still, its progress init?



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