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belt line weather strips?

is that what these fuckers are called?

anywho, it should come as no surprise that i cant just rock down to my local toyota dealership and buy new ones off the shelf. i cant buy new ones off any shelf because they dont exist.

basis sell a rubber bit which is similar and then you have to re glue it to your old fucked metal backing strip.

no thanks.

my 51 has some random aftermarket replacements that work perfectly but i have no idea where they came from they were just in a box of bits. 

SO, if you know of something that is close to these please let me know. im super sure that there are generic 70s american stuff that will work, i just dont know what it is.

door is 1050 long and obvsly i need to be able to put a curve in it to make it work for the back windows. the stuff on the 51has slots cut in the steel so you can bend it which is why i think its some generic thing. 


51001582173_29ef873741_b.jpg2021-03-04_07-11-05 by sheepers, on Flickr


51002401852_2ed573de0d_b.jpg2021-03-04_07-11-13 by sheepers, on Flickr


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spent the day finishing the belt seal install and putting the door trims and whatnot back on.

i had to cut the steel bit to bend it so it would fit around the curve of the back window.

this resulted in the rubber lip being a bit distorted from bending it and its find of all over the show.

does anyone have any tips on how i can get the rubber to change shape a bit or relax it a bit so it sits against the glass?


51091103529_99cb15834b_b.jpg2021-04-03_04-58-57 by sheepers, on Flickr

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