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drove it the 15 odd Ks to the compliance center this morning.

went perfectly. heater on and the AM radio playing Indian pop music.

changes smoothly and drives very nicely. needs a wheel alignment but apart from that its mint.

compliance next week. might throw up some issues, i know the brake light switch needs adjusting because its not turning off properly every time and i forgot to connect the hand brake warning light.

lets see what happens.

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That did not go according to plan. 

The converter is stuck on the flywheel and I couldn't get it out. 

Anyone who has removed an auto trans from a 60 series crown will know that getting the box out with the converter still attached is truly the closest thing to impossible on this planet. 

Somehow after 2 hours I got it out but the converter is still fused to the crank.

Note the screwdrivers I've used to strategically bend the flex plate. 




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Morning all. 

So this morning when everything was cold the converter came out with out too much trouble. 

I had to hit it pretty hard but it came out. 


So a quick measure showed me this flex plate won't work with the new trans. The offset if the mounting face is wrong by about 4mm.

In the picture the measurement is 11mm.

I need a flex plate that will measure 7mm.

@Yowzer do you have anything?

My guess is anything 80s M series will probably work


Help a brother out if you got anything please. 


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today went better than last night thank fuck.

the super good cunt @Yowzer has the flex plate i need and im going to go down the the ham tomorrow and get it.

i spent most of the today measuring things and modifying the shift linkage. i made a new detent lever because i didn't have one and i shortened the shifter arm.

the bell housing clears and  there seems to be enough room for that part of the trans.

i will need to mod the end of the shifter lever that pokes through the floor to clear the back of the box. also need to move the gearbox cross member back about 60mm which shouldn't be a drama.


48442970961_0a22ccea52_o.jpg2019-08-03_04-11-29 by sheepers, on Flickr


48443121192_119f672d30_o.jpg2019-08-03_04-11-38 by sheepers, on Flickr

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@Yowzer had the flex plate i needed so i went down to the Ham on Sunday and got it.

so that should be everything major.

the driveshaft is with Aiden at Drive Inn services to get shortened.

Ill get a new gearbox mount because the one i have is fucked and ill replace the front and rear seals in the gearbox as well as replacing the rear crank seal while im at it. 

ive still go to make a system for the kick down. old one was rod operated and the new one is cable so ill need to do something there.

what else? the threads in the box for the oil cooler feed and return are a fucking weird size with an oring type seal and i dont have the proper fittings.

however its close enough to 1/8NPT that i can run a tap down the hole and bring the thread out to take an NPT fitting. easy. 


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