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chasinthemirage's 1964 Mk3 Zephyr

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Oh cmon Chas in the Mitsubishi Mirage.  You'll soon get bored, old or not, and if it rumpity rumps on idle, the smile it will always put on your face will out weigh any weird misplaced negatives that have been fathomed.

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On 5/4/2018 at 00:36, chasinthemirage said:

Hey, hi, hello. Time for my yearly update on this thing. This entire thread is 6 or so years out of date so I'll get the bodywork up to date and then go from there. Below is the first of the rust repairs. Overall the doors weren't too bad but we decided to replace the entire lower skin to save it having to do this again in a few years.









I've skipped a fair few photos but this gives an idea of the state of the doors and front guards. Can't speak highly enough of the panels that Les has made, they line up amazingly and will require SFA filler.


can you get parts made for LR lower Corner? or do you get from steel panels in UK

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@Postie I have seen a few patch panels for the Zephyrs on trademe but I've never looked into them anywhere else. Les has done a few of the cars in the club and everyone speaks very highly of his work so he's been taking care of all the repairs. I'm sure that anything can be recreated if someone is skilled enough!

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In the same state its been in for the last 5 years. I gave it an oil change when I was off work last year and realised that the radiator I should have re-cored in 2010 has a massive split in it so I'm getting a new one made. Needs a new exhaust and clutch master and slave to be sleeved. Would still get a wof easy enough though. 

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