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  1. Will this pass WOF? its on inner/outer undersill of my '52 Morris minor
  2. after 30 years, I am starting to look at my '52 Morris Minor that I put in garage.. I failed to keep rego alive, So I am looking to go through re-compliance. Now.. I have 1 spot of rust, which I assume won't fly at re-compliance? But I can repair and paint over beforehand. Also my MM, doesn't have separate indicators, will that pass re-compliance?
  3. My dad brought a MM, just passed a warrant didn't appear to have much rust.. but needed a new clutch.. so I said I would help.. while engine was out, we started looking at one area, finding a problem.. and then another and so on.. I have no idea how this passed a warrant... So from clutch to major rust repair.. needs new rear floors new rear hangers both sides new rear boot well new section below boot new side rails on both sides.. I got all new parts.. and engineer friend is doing my welding.. Will I need to get the rust repairs certified? how much does this cost?
  4. can you get parts made for LR lower Corner? or do you get from steel panels in UK
  5. what size tridents? 14" and what size are your tires?
  6. I am looking to upgrade my zodiac mk3 With falcon AU XR8 engine and trans steering New front end suspension brakes etc. Before i do. Whar are the costs for certification going to cost me? Dean
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