The Aliexpress Special, aka Raizer playing with scooters

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A couple of weeks back I came across a pretty damn tidy 2004 SJ50 languishing behind the local Honda shop, was told the carb was fucked but if I wanted a project it was mine for a very low sum.


Dusty, but otherwise tidy

Turned out it was just a simple plastic piece in the throttle slid had had the top snapped off, which meant that the throttle wouldn't open at all.

Order the part from Suzuki and decided to see if I could MacGyver up something to get it running while I waited for the proper part to come from Japan.


Didn't think to take a pic of the repair, but imagine a loop of .8 mig wire on the top of that plastic bit.

Put it back together replacing the spring and oring I'd discovered had been lost and the scoot then fired straight up and idle awesome.


Wouldn't run at all past half throttle with me on it though, was leaning out hard!

Raising the carb needle 2 notches almost solved it, but it was still sometimes mucking around once hot and smelling rather hot.


The spout off a SCA flexible funnel sorted that out


There is a intake behind the front wheel which directs air through that tube and over the engine.



Still waiting to be fitted, the mig wire works fine haha


Chucked a new battery in and some rego and job's a good'un


It was at this point I had to relinquish the SJ over to my partner Sandy, but as I'd been riding it around a few days I'd caught the bug so decided I had to have one myself!!

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Asked around a few places locally, but haven't found much more than a Passola needing a coil "at least" and a crashed Jog -I may still buy both to combine.

So I turned to trademe, where I came across a complete Sepia ZZ being offered as a parts bike, which I snapped up as I was thinking it can't be that bad...




Note the "spoiler" instead of a carrier rack and the high stop light Suzuki was so proud of they emblazoned the front with a sticker telling you about it haha


I mentioned it in spam the other day to see if any one would be able to get it at least closer to Gisborne from Tauranga and if Mr. Grumble would be keen to store it a couple days if I could get it to Whakatane.

As it turned out he was going to Tauranga a few days later (Friday just gone) and would be able to pick it up for me as well as store it!



Sounds like it was an interesting area to pick it up from too.

So yeah BIG thanks to VG for picking it up!

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Also while talking to Tom/VG about pick up, he mentioned that he had the bones of a scooter that he may sell, so a deal was made and I added this beast of a AZ50 to my collection




It's got AN125 suspension front and rear, a good engine and a live rego, so once I figure out the wiring it'll be a goer.

At this point the plan in my head was to put the engine/suspension/plate onto the ZZ and the ZZ front end onto Sandy's SJ, had thoughts of a simple swap taking a couple of hours max, more on this soon...


Today's effort = 399.9k round trip to go pick them up


Fairly lightweight trailer, Altezza still didn't like towing it uphill.



Got the scoots back to Gisborne with no issues, unloaded them into the shed and even though I really wanted to go home and eat I just had to have a bit of a play.



Well it turns out that my plan up there isn't going to work quite as I had imagined, as it turns out Suzuki decided to change things up a bit with the AZ50, the 2 bikes have completely different frames and engine mount locations, no chance in hell of bolting the AZ engine into the ZZ :doubt:

Figured in that case I might as well try to just get the ZZ going, hooked up a battery, flicked the key on, pulled the brake and pushed the starter = nothing.

Fitted the kick start which ominously was in the helmet hole and tried to kick it over, nothing, no engagement, grabbed the fan and tried to turn it by hand, it locks up every turn and clunks a lot, no sign of compression and a metallic jingly rattle from the variator side...I do believe it's fucked!

Also the brake disk is bent, and the front wheel has a ton of play, so might not even be able to use the front end on the SJ.



The plan now = 2000 Suzuki AZ50 ZZ Frankenscooter/Aliexpress special!

Think naked Honda Ruckus style like VG had started doing, but with the finest (read cheapest) LED lights, air filter, exhaust and anything else that catches my eye that Aliexpress can provide!

And with me attempting to wire it all up results should be hilarious!   Also as I don't have a welder there is likely going to be a LOT of cable ties and creative bolt on bits involved...

Hopefully I'll be able to salvage at least some bits off of the ZZ to use on it.


Check back tomorrow for progress and what I find when I start stripping the ZZ.


For those of you that made it through my rambling attempt at a build thread have a gold star






TL;DR?  Tough.

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Browsing Aliexpress now for lights etc.

As it's a 2000 model all it legal needs is indicators and a rear reflector, am going to do all lights/horn though.


Looking like this lot may work fine for me.


$4.80us from Ali, or $40nz + shipping on TM.



$3us a pair




$35us inc hall sensor for speed, but I'm thinking a backlit bike computer would work fine for $5.



Going to see what I can scrounge up locally first though, as I'm impatient and if I have to pay a few bucks more and not wait a month for shipping I'll buy local.




Also as I'd like to attempt starting it tomorrow, VG reckon you can clarify these for me?





Fused positive right? Constant?



Key/kill switch between this and battery, or split to both?






And yeah cheers again for all the help!

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Oh my. TBH, I spent quite some time staring at those tags about a month ago, and I drew blanks (pulled it to bits 4+ years ago). My brain turns off when it comes to wiring, I was going to ask my bro in law nicely to get it going for me, haha. I wish I could be more help, but I really have no idea sorry  :doubt:

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I was worried you'd say something like that!

All good though, I'll see if the Sepia or SJ loom shares the same colors to trace.

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Today has been a day of fails, wins and then more fails!


Cleared and covered my bench this morning ready to crack into things



Started by mostly stripping the ZZ down, labelling the loom etc as I went



Turns out the starter does work, the wire is brittle and had snapped by the button.  Starter doesn't engage on either engine though.



Didn't take much investigating to find what had stopped the ZZ


Turns over nicely by hand now, and has good compression.


Had a go at deciphering the wiring, managed to get spark but only with a battery hooked up, so gave it a squirt of either


I then proceeded to fuck it up trying to get spark without a battery and I believe I have killed the CDI unit or possibly/less likely the coil :(

The ZZ doesn't have a CDI type ignition system either so I can't rob it for one.

Using a mates Fluke meter we have figured it is putting out voltage from both the stator wires that it should be, so at least I haven't fried that!


Tried the ZZ exhaust, it's going to need to be cut and modded to fit, but a couple of inches of tube and removal of half it's bracket should sort it.



As it sits now.


Am really racking my brain on what to do with the frame, as while the fuel tank Tom has made for it is neat, it's just too small for what I want to do, and I'm also thinking of trying to find an oil pump for it to go back to selfmix.

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The ZZ exhaust bolts straight onto sj50 and gives a bit of a performance improvement. I have one on my nifty fifty which has a SJ50 engine in it. known as the Niftsj in our household.

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That sounds like an interesting combination!

I'm not allowed to play with "her" SJ beyond the front end/disc brake swap, otherwise the ZZ exhaust would be going on tomorrow!


Just brought this off trademe, would have gone Aliexpress but need it ASAP and it's still cheap!




Edit: after reading a lot tonight, I now know big box CDI units like on the AZ50 are DC and NEED a battery and regulator/rectifier to work, and that I most likely fried it trying to run no battery!

So know I'm thinking that the relay sized box on the ZZ loom (also on the same spot by the battery on the SJ) is in fact an AC CDI rather than the starter relay I thought it was!

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Had another little play with it today, still no spark so checked a few bits.
Coil: earthed plug to the frame and tested it direct from a battery, big blue sparks = good coil.
Stator: used meter to check it was making AC voltage when kicking, saw voltage from both wires = good!
Pulse: tested the ohm between the CDI output and pulse wire on ZZ stator to get an idea, tried on AZ50 which gave similar ohms = fingers crossed hall effect sensor/pulse.
CDI: hooked back up, got nothing from the coil wire when kicking it over = to me that's dead!
Couldn't get either reg/rect I've got here to give any sort of reading, so umm might be ok?

Will hopefully have the new CDI tomorrow, fingers crossed that sorts it!

This is the stator wiring on a AZ50, posting it as it may be helpful to one of you guys as well as for my own reference


Yellow/White: Lighting circuit AC
White/Red: Ignition circuit AC
Brown: Pulse

I'd gotten as far as I could with the electrics and my mate hasn't brought his mig over yet so I had a bit of a brainstorm on how I'm going to lay things out as I think I'm going to attempt to hide as much under the seat as I can!
There's tons of room under the seat on top of the tank for a battery, so will weld a couple tabs on to strap one down.
This is with a dead t4b-bs under there, there's room to fit a much bigger one under there so I'm thinking alarm battery.

Pretty much decided I'm sticking with this tank, as it fits perfectly around the front of the seat and VG's done a good job on it so would be a shame to scrap it!

But I will be getting a mate to tig another section to the back of it to increase it's capacity by a couple litres.

And thinking I'm going to try to weld up a frame/box on the back to have the CDI, flasher, starter relay if I find a starter motor and possibly a 1L oil tank if I do get a pump and convert back to self mix.

Just a rough MSPaint play around

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Went to auto sparky looking for a couple plugs, walked out with this


"2010 Super Power Fast MD50QT2T 4Stro Moped"

Owners son did burnouts while she was out of town and had a little fire


Add a carb and hot wire it and it runs.

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Ooh don't tempt me!!

I'm fighting buying another one from Tauranga as it is!

Those lights are cool, think that's the style I'm going to go for.

Learnt a lot about AC and DC ignition systems again today.

Like how a factory DC CDI bike does not in fact have an ignition coil on the stator.

And that a hall effect will not generate anywhere near enough power to fire pulse an AC CDI.

Also learned that it take a long while with a dremal to mod the case and stator plate to mount an earlier model Suzuki DC stator.

And that once it's in its about 45° advanced.

Going to try and have another keyway slot cut in my flywheel tomorrow to correct it as an extra 45° might be a hair too much advance!

No pics of my mangling as my phone went flat.

China scooter has already donated a near new battery for the AZ

At least my new air filter fits perfectly.

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Looking like.an asian wrecker already


get two identical scooters. Cut the front end off one and use it as a "sidecar" twin engined. Saw one in peru, it was sweet

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Almost ready to burn this project!*

ZZ AC stator fitted.

Today saw next to no progress.
AC stator gives an awesome pulse signal, but both the lighting/main and charging coils are putting out 0v.
The guy i brought the CDI from claimed with DC ignition scooters you can take the pulse from the charging coil, so chucked the factory DC stator back in.
7VAC from the lighting coil and only 4 or 5VAC from the charging one, pulse light on CDI box flashing less excitedly than with the proper pulse coil on AC stator.
No output from the CDI box to coil.

Also now I can't seem to get spark out of any of the 3 coils I've got when bench testing.
Have just brought a TGB engine to rob bits from, there a clone of the Suzuki. It's supposedly a great runner, has AC stator and comes with CDI so if the stator won't swap in I may attempt making the TGB engine fit.

In more positive news the ZZ starter and Bendix fitted sweet, the Chinese scooter had a brand new battery fitted so I've now got electric no start.

And I got several emails from Aliexpress, my tail light, indicators, LED flasher units and other bits are on the way.

*Welder was dropped off today, so time to melt some metal.




The ZZ exhaust bolts straight onto sj50 and gives a bit of a performance improvement. I have one on my nifty fifty which has a SJ50 engine in it. known as the Niftsj in our household.

Chucked it on the SJ today, had to block half the air box inlet off as it's made enough difference the carb needs to be up jetted!

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I'm an idiot.

Figured out one wire was in the wrong place all day yesterday!


Only gave it a small puff of either.


Hot glue gun


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Haha i did that with my 50 too, took it to bits and pluged one of the stator wires wrong when i reassembled it...took soo long to figure it out

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