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Sidewaysickness 86 Hino Ranger Housebus


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This weekend was all about making sparks,

I cut out all the sharp edged panel steel and prepped the spots I would be welding to.


After fucking around with wrong regulators I managed to get this far (with a little help)




After stealing some wood from the old man I managed to get this far today




The superking mattress will take up all of that area, except for 80mm a side

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Alright, Iv been living in the old girl for a few months now and its awesome! No regrets whatsoever


Iv pulled out the table and chairs to make room for a full sized fridge



Iv replaced the 12" subwoofers that are mounted under the couch with some xplod's that I had kicking around the shed

Does anyone know anything about this amp? 



Ripped out walls because they were dumb



In goes the fridge, I will try to hide this or paint it or something to hide its uglyness. It may even end up on the other side of the bus



then I moved onto my parents property. They will be getting their bus legal soon and hitting the road so there will be much more space then, I just hope we can get my bus into their spot!






Its all been about the shower and water system lately, Brought a gas califont and mounted that in a locker (still need to make a flue for it). Run water pipes and drainage pipes, Dad chucked up some wood to attach the lining to and we after work today we started cutting up a old stainless shower cubicle to line my shower with.


Heres a pic dump










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This is sweet Shane


All this housebusery is making me envious and wanting my own

Cheers, Doit Doit!


Oooooooooh, not sure your bus will fit where the other one is.

Looking good though man, awesome.

The bedford is only 2 meters shorter but its the positioning of my front wheels that may not allow the tight turn.


Hey cheers... but what about the bus????

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Today I set about fitting the German Sunmover solar panel.


The idea is that the panel is controlled by magic so its always pointing at the sun, they claim to be 3 times more efficient than a fixed panel of the same output.


The filthy roof before I started (note the tv aerial shoved out the hatch, I pick up the digital with that shit lol)




You can hardly notice the clean spot




Being a fiberglass roof I didn't think it was up to the challenge of supporting the weight of the panel and the controller, So after giving ladaspeed a quick dutch rudder he let me cut out a 800x800 square of 3mm sheet steel.

This will sit between 2 of the internal framings so the weight shouldn't be an issue now.


The sheet had a bit of surface rust so I killed the rust and painted it with leftover Hilux paint


Brought some spendy and strong double sided tape and used that and alot of silicon sealer to fix it to the roof




Attached the mounting plate using the same method as well as 6x 12g screws that go right through the fibreglass roof, add more silicon




Mounted the panel and controller





So now I need to run conduit and wiring to get that bitch online

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Thats gonna work so well. Ours is fixed in one plane but can be raised up in angle manually to suit summer and winter sun. Makes a big difference to the output.


After having tried out these led strip thingees you should definitely check them out if you still planning some electrical changes. Amazing light.

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