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  1. Haha I was close to modelling it all in SolidWorks but it really wasn’t necessary I’m just happy it’s not 45 degrees in the garage! Perth summers are the worst lol
  2. Over the last few days I've built a string alignment rig and played around with the wheel alignment, was a lot of iterations to get it in the ballpark! The point of the string alignment rig is to set toe front and rear. I chose to build a rig attached to the car (like the Smart Strings system, but a boatload cheaper) as opposed to just setting up strings on axle stands so that I can jack up the car, remove wheels and make adjustments without affecting the placement of the strings, which take quite a long time to set up accurately. This was mostly put together from scraps I had lying aroun
  3. My friends back in Perth swear by the AR1s, and I've found a a couple threads like THIS ONE which show the AR1s to outperform NT01s considerably. Of note in that thread is his comment about balancing wheels, have had that argument with every tyre shop that's ever mounted semi slicks for me Pity we're not in Aus too, as AR1s are 30-40% cheaper than in NZ... For the turbo, I'll be running the standard turbo off my old Evo VII for a bit of nostalgia, and because it was free +shipping (the new owner was kind enough to post it over to me - was in a tub of spares I gave him with the sale). Th
  4. Hi OldSchool, Shane here, I've been lurking for a good few years and I thought it was about time to share progress on my latest project, a 1996 Evo IV RS I picked up a few months back. First up, I'll take a moment to introduce myself and go through a bit of background. Introduction / History I caught the car disease from Dad at an early age. As well as racing speedway for a number of years, Dad has owned a good run of cool old cars, including a Lotus Cortina mk1, a Ford Sierra Cosworth Sapphire, and most recently a Ford Escort mk1 with a fairly potent 2L Pinto engine on twin 4
  5. Great write-up Craig! Good to finally see all the details, only so much can be gleaned from elevator chats As for where to from here, well I'd suggest throwing some semi slicks on it and hitting up Barbs and Collie, good chance to show up some of the Evo kids while they wonder what the car even is!
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