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Rivalrx - 1972 Mazda 618 Coupe

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Yea it’s there for options if needed. 

Im more of a fan of the original bonnet but for shits and giggles it’s cool to have the options to change it up if needed. 

The only door cards this car is getting will be the new black repro ones haha 



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Cheers team - just testing the waters really. If no sale, no drama and I keep it safe and sound. 

it really does have all the big ticket items an rx2 coupe has and the majority of ones in NZ are missing these impossible to find bits. 

I can’t see better out there for sale with the pics receipts and videos to back up the build. That and legal 100%. 

it scares me to think what’s under some of these flash paint jobs out there. 

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