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Found 24 results

  1. Hey there guys and gals, My first car was a ke25 that I did a chicken wire and bog job on, and always wanted to restore it properly when I was all grown up. My dad sold it to a farmer who's kids trashed it and tipped out down a tomo I picked this up a few years ago (now that i'm all grown up) and the restoration began..... She's now fully stripped. And I've since collected a bunch of rare parts (ke25 and JDM TE27) and am waiting for the weather to improve so I can make a trip to Rototua and have the shell dipped. Plans are for a 20V Blacktop 7age with T50, Ae86 front shocks & brakes, Ae86 rear end with LSD and possibly repsol orange..... I'm pretty much a mechanical noob with limited experience so i'll do what I can and will have some pro's help along the way...... Any help from some seasoned Oldschool pro's would be much appreciated Discussion thread here //
  2. I thought it was about time I started a build thread for what has become a far larger project than what I had initially thought when I purchased it. So far its 2 years in the build so I will update as much as I can to catch up to present day. In the meantime Ill get the ball rolling. Back in January 2012 I found this 1983 Toyota AE85 Trueno on trademe, it wasnt exactly what I wanted as I had originally planned to start with a KE70 Sedan however it was listed for $800 so I thought it would be rude not to have a look. Discuss Here : // Turns out the rear end was pretty rusty and it had been sitting in a back yard for several years. It was also de-reged, but it was in original unmolested condition. Nothing that couldn't be sorted with time and money I guess. So I parted with the grand total of $700 and we returned a few days later to tow it home. So I slowly started cleaning all the moss, dirt and flaking rust off to get a better picture of what I was dealing with. Turns out that with a polish the paint was in pretty good nick for its age, it makes me wonder if it spent some time under cover during its life. The original plan was to get the factory 3AU running, replace bushes, bearings, rebuild brakes and essentially get it up to compliance standard so it could be road legal again. From there I was planning to strip it back and do the full build. Well after talking to compliance guys and certifier guy it was decided that I would be spending a hell of a lot of money and time twice. So I decided to take my time and do the whole thing right the first time. I had spent some time mucking around trying to get the 3AU running and actually drove it down the road and back but it had a major death rattle and was smoking like an 80s Mitsubishi. It was time to go hunting for a 4AGE!
  3. Discussion here Hi all, bought this yesterday from Sparkle and his Mrs. Previous thread here, have a peek if you're interested as I'll be continuing the saga from where he left off. Bit of background on me: I'm a Pom that's been in NZ since August, I came over looking for a holiday with half a mind to work and ended up getting a full-time job. Since I'll be here for the foreseeable I decided it was definitely, definitely the right time to immediately spend all of my money on an old Toyota. I've loved Japanese cars for years and had to sell my AW11 MR2 last year. A sense of hollow loss ensued. I was drooling over this KP on TradeMe when one of my housemates mentioned that she was planning a trip to Palmerston on Saturday to visit some old college friends. A plan was hatched, the numbers on my bank account were turned into weird folding plastic Monopoly money, and a roadtrip playlist assembled. Met up with Sparkle in a fast food car park. I think there's probably a rule somewhere that says that cars and burger chains need to be brought together regularly, and I was hungry anyway. Had a bit of a poke and a prod, tried to make the obligatory concerned noises that you're supposed to do when looking at buying an old car, but couldn't really fault it on much. Properly gen-you-wine unbuggered Sprint. Test-drove even sweeter than it looked, I was hooked. Worked out a mutually acceptable deal and I disappeared off into the sunset. Mr and Mrs Sparkle seemed pretty emotional to see her go, but I hope my monetary contribution to "Operation Make-E21-Have-Awesome-Engine" softens the pain over time. She managed city traffic, winding hill roads and open highway all the way back to the Wairarapa on her best behaviour. Stopped off for some snaps at the Te Apiti wind farms en route: There are hardly any of these left back home because they all ended up on the stages or dirt ovals (usually with a Pinto and minilites!), and I've lusted after them for ages. I was originally looking for a slightly tatty Starlet to turn into a rally-esque weekend-fun car, something like this: ...but I reckon that would be sacrilege with something this original. Well then. The old girl was about due an oil and filter change, so I had a nice run out this morning to Upper Hutt to get some tools and supplies. There's a weird mix of annoyance and excitement at being in a new country and not having any tools. Of course the excitement is because you have the opportunity, nay, obligation to buy some tools. I checked first, but there were no more free service vouchers in the bookpack. Shame. Stopped off at the local dealership while I was in the area, just 'cos: ...and popped back home. Nice sunny afternoon oil and filter change. Plans: -Weekend car, just enjoy it for what it is over the nice summer months. -Investigate how best to protect the thin paint. Car will be undercover for the most part, but still... -Re-cover sun-damaged parcel shelf and get it seated properly. -Sympathetic, reversible mods over winter? Think rorty carbs, fast road cam, tubular extractors and a pretty skinny 'zorst. The 4k is lovely and is staying put!
  4. Discuss away Build Thread here //
  5. Hi Guys, here is my first thread on this forum so go easy on me I recently purchased my little beast beast a week ago as some of you may have seen on tardme, got it for a pritty good score considering but my first & biggest worry is rust, but i gotta say shes held up fairly well being under the weather for the last 29 years, all on New Zealand soil at that Ironically this was built in Thames in 84 & last week I picked her up...from Thames unfortunately the previous owner couldnt find the build papers which im real upset about but still have the build plate and sticker which i'll get a new one made up. This is how I bought it Engine: - 1300cc 4K - heat wrapped extractors - Some querky barely attached mushroom filter setup - Eagle 8.0mm ignition leads - New Carb that needs tuning - New points, condenser & dizzy cap - Came with free oil leaks from dizzy o-ring that felt like rock and from an invisible sump washer :/ - Custom fitted R33 strut brace - Somewhat custom 2"ish exhaust, one Coby resonator (NZ made!) an H&R resonator and an unknown twin tip Back box. Drive line: - K50 5 Speed gearbox - Standard diff and drive shaft - New Wheels bearings Suspension & Wheels: - Cobra lowering springs all round (NZ MADE ) - rear kyb shocks / standard fronts - Nolathane sway bar bushes - 3 X Nolathane bottom arm bushes + 1 X standard bush thrown in with a random square washer that barely missed the hub on full lock - 15 x 6 from what i believe Cressida Factory Toyota wheels wrapped in Achilles 195/50R15's all new tread Interior: - Factory option Rear windscreen wiper and de-fogger - Analog clock - Central Locking! - rear tinted windows - useless shift light - factory 8k Rpm Tachometer - heinous shift knob and boot - angry birds plush toy thing - sport style steering wheel I.C.E (best bit): - Pioneer DEH-4550BT Bluetooth headunit w/usb & aux unput - JVC 230W 6.5" front speakers - JVC 310W? 6x9 rear speakers - JVC 800W Amp - JVC 1200W 12" Sub Exterior: - day time running lights in bumper - led park lights and indicators - replacement semi-sealed headlamps with bright white halogen bulbs - front grill replaced with mesh :/ - Unknown NZ Made front lip also came with sideskirts and end caps Soon as i got home the shift light and gearknob was out, followed by fixing the oil leaks, tightening up not even tight tie-rod end nuts and missing split pins... Thats all the was wrong with it mechanically though, everything pritty well sound. Biggest rust patch found so far, only as big as an nz 50c coin I've already got a new/old front grill on its way, so started prepping and painting the light surrounds in Graphite metallic for now final coat then tomorrow it gets Plastic clear coated Also need to replace the key barrel switch as they had to rig up a 12v feed to the coil via external button whilst cranking as I found out today. Great to work on as everything is very simple but just need to replace the alarm they have in it as its only being used for remote central locking atm and clean up a bunch of other wires but no biggie. So this is pritty much where i'm at for now, im going to get the rust cut out but pending on how much people will charge i might just do it myself along with painting the car. Future plans: - Obviously putting my new 20v in and mate up a T50 (now looking at going for a w55) gearbox using the T3 4age conversion mounts and customize the gearbox x-member. - Hilux/AE86 clutch master cylinder & custom Pedal box to suit. - Custom drive shaft to either a MA60,RA65 Celica supra, AE86 or hilux LSD rearend then get it all shortened w/rear disc's - Going to work with Barry from MRP to Have a set of coilovers made - T3 4 link rose joint suspension arms
  6. Watto

    4age identification help

    Hello all, im new to this site and new to 4age motors. I would like any information and opinions on the motor in the picture. Thank you Rich
  7. Link to discussion thread: // Alright so a bit of background for those who care to read: I bought this car recently from a car collector after seeing an internet advertisement for it. The collector was an older gentleman who had quite a few old American cars and some others such as a Merc, mini, and all three generations of the MR-2; apparently he was wanting to thin the herd down a little. So basically I gave this guy a call asking about the car and its history, He didn't have internet so we ended up having a few back and forth conversations before finally agreeing on a price. He was quite nice and funny to talk to so it wasn't like hard negotiations or anything, more just like talking about the car, which was nice =) To be honest I didn't really think that I'd get the car so I was kind of surprised when we finally agreed. What! I bought a car unseen in person over the phone from some guy 6 hours away! I had never done this before. Anyway the day came to pick it up, I was pretty nervous that it might be really rough in person or weather or not it would even make the trip back home (like I said it was a collectors car so not driven much). Because of this when I finally arrived home with a very clean AW11, I was so glad. I must have spent about an hour or so just walking around it looking at it from different angles while the sun set. ...Skip forward a month or so and the car suffered some pretty bad overheating, lol. Basically the engine is cooked (probably can be rebuilt). Despite this, I love this car way too much to even consider selling (I've been though quite a few cars btw). So there was no doubt in my mind about what needed to be done... it will be reborn. I'm going to be replacing the engine (will keep original engine for a future rebuild) and because everything will be out of the car I will also do a manual swap since there is no better time for it. I want to keep it original for the most part, but will likely have a few light modifications. As I said, I only had it for a month or two before this incident happened so the craving to drive it again is steadily building. Some pics of it before the incident:
  8. Link to build thread: //
  9. Discussion: // Hey guys, have been casually browsing these forums for a few years now, thought I would finally sign up and share my AE85 build with you. Ive had the car for about 4 years now, has come long way from when I first picked it up. It wasnt factory spec when I bought it, someone had already swapped a 4AG in there, with a W58 box, hilux diff and some minor suspension and brake upgrades, 14x6.5 and 7.5 SSR MKII wheels, bolt in half cage which had been welded in, a pretty rangi surge tank, some of the rust had been "repaired". Although it was pretty rough around the edges I thought I had myself a fairly well set up car, until I had been driving it for a few weeks and all the problems started piling up... Engine bay after a bit of a clean up. Forgot to mention it had been painted a champagne gold colour. First thing was sorting out the clutch. Was using a 85 pedal box adapted to suit hydraulic clutch, didnt really work, was hard to shift gears and the car would roll forward slowly with it in gear and clutch disengaged. Swapped it out with 86 pedal box from Japan, problem solved. Next problem was the intermitted external fuel pump hooked up to the surge tank. Decided to remove it all run as per factory. While pulling some of the interior out I noticed some of the wiring was pretty rough! Spent a few weeks going over all the wiring and removing a lot of unnecessary wiring and dodgy solder joints, which there were plenty! Ended up with a box full wires! With that mostly sorted, I began on tidying up the rear end a little. Pulled the rear axle out to paint it up, along with a bunch of other stuff, clean up the tubs etc. I had the 4.3 LSD shimmed and went to put everything back together. Getting the bolts through the control arms/diff mounts was a cunt, I figured whoever welded the mounts on the Hilux rear end welded them on the piss so I got the measuring tape out and sure enough, left bottom mount was 20mm out... Would have been causing some serious toe in/out and binding issues. As quick fix I drilled a new hole in the bolt-on traction bracket to correct it. Made the decision to get a proper cage now that the bolt in cage had been removed and it was rolling again. Herbert Fab did the roll cage. I took the chance while the car was away getting the roll cage done to have my rear wheels widened. Wheels are SSR MKII 14x9 at -11 offset. Only did the pair for the rear, and put the 7.5's on the front. Then we had the task of painting the cage. Was a pretty big job prepping and masking everything, but came out pretty good in the end. Looked pretty red there, but once everything was back in it looked okay Ill leave it here for today, will have another update soon!
  10. For discussion on my car, please visit - // My AE85 project purchased in April 2015. 1983 Toyota Trueno Sprinter with Levin front end. 187,800km on the clock, only traveled 10,000km since 2004, has been in storage for the last 3 years and owned by previous owner for 8 years. Originally imported to NZ in 1991 to Dunedin. Has been a Dunedin car up until the previous owner moved up to the Bay of Plenty. Plans for the AE85 is to turn it into a nice tidy street car with tasteful mods. So far the hard work has been done and is just a matter of improving on whats already been done and tidying up the panel and paint. 4age 2nd gen bigport with 7 rib block, Factory exhaust headers with free flow exhaust. AE86 2 piece driveshaft and with open diff, rear disc brakes, old owner said said diff is from a celica but unsure of this yet as he wasn't 100% certain Nolothane bushes throughout all suspension components T series box, unsure of what model yet, K-Sport Coilovers, All certed - Also says reinforced rear shock towers on plate 17x7 wheels with spacers (bit too big for car I feel and wrong styling for the error or the car) Came with 13x7 rims aswell. Currently temporarily have put my 15x7 wheels off my AE92 as 17s aren't the best to drive with. Fibreglass bonnet with bonnet pins.
  11. Discussion thread here: // So I've had this ke20 corolla since 1995. A little over a year ago i started on repowering and getting this car going again. Wasn't quite sure about where to start the build thread, so at the beginning it is ! My first car, given to me by a friend of the family, who had become to old to drive. Had a 4k, replacement for the original 3k. Here's how it looked in '95:
  12. My car i bought for 3 hundy old school look and popular car in their day, i like this for the twin headlights and the shape and cos its RWD too i had this for 2 years now, part timing it on the project, im a pre-aprentise qualified ex tyre fitter who has a IT job and likes to pour money into a hole. Heres the progress so far... Discussion is here ...// [/img]
  13. My distributors been leaking for a fair while now and am finally ready to sort that shit out. However - I've asked at BNT and Appco without much luck. So does anyone know where to get a rebuild/seal kit from similar to what's in the link locally? Cheers!
  14. Here is project build thread, looking a bit barren atm: //
  15. discussion thread for my project ae70 4age drop. fire away
  16. ok here we go, 1982 flat front AE70 currently running 3a-u with webers and lumpy cam. rings have pretty well gone so its time for a 4age. here is the car as is currently: link to discussion thread here: //
  17. Picked this up the other week with help from Todd (driftnmaz). Its got a 3a which is running quite rough at the moment, with a 4 speed t50 (3rds fucked). The high tech rubbish bag is because we cant get the window into its tracks (hopefully fix it this weekend) The clutch is fucked and its got a lockie in it. Has a bit of rust, which has just been bogged up for now. Plans are to get it wofed and regoed ASAP, then attempt to drift with the 3a, slam, wheels and after ive gotten used to it im going to be dropping a 4age in. When i do the 4age im going to do all the rust properly. It came with a SHIT load of spares, which i still havent gotten through. Discuss here: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=35283
  18. So i've had this vehicle for about a year now just been a bit too lazy to document any progress to date. Currently, i'm working on throwing a 20v Blacktop 4AGE into my KE26. Here is the vehicle: I'll post more pics and info soon. Here is link to project discussion: //
  19. Just thought I'd start a build of my starlet/s So I brought this starlet Had a 4age red top t50 Was told just needed driveshaft loop for cert On way home. Gearbox blew up Found out it was cause the previous owner put the wrong shims in the gearbox and leaked all the oil. A week after putting new gearbox in Head gasket blew This poto was on the way home from Auckland. Note the tow rope.
  20. Thchad

    Cam selection

    Just after some advice and opinions on cam selection, ive got a 16v bigport bluetop with st itb's on a t3 manifold the cars gonna be for circuit use but street legal. I'm having the head refurbished and all valve train components replaced with factory Toyota parts bar the springs which I've got some hardened genuine trd ones to go in since I'm looking to run higher revs. I don't want to go too higher lift 9mm very max, it's more the duration and manufacturer I can't decide on. What are you running and what recommendations would you make. Any and all help appreciated cheers
  21. so with my mk1 only gettin more hagged the more i drove it and the wagon in a million chopeed up little pieces in the shed id decided i needed a daily so looking through trade me i found a car i neva thought id see in nz with my own eyes a real AA63 carina 2 door. factory as wheels and exhaust as only mods. the car with heavy crap in the back looks odd so high
  22. Yep this is my first car i no its a bit late but i was holding out for somthing special and here it is a mkll escort wagon the engine is a 4age tvis bluetop all certed. I got this baby for 1700 just needs a wof. whats need for wof is: right hand indicators to work remedy play in front right lower outter ball joint fit clutch pedel rubber reduce brake pedal travel align head lights rear number plate light to be shielded I kicked mum out of the shed cant get this baby wet.
  23. well i use to be a member of this club couple years ago thorght i sould join back up my old school ride is a 1981 kp60 starlet been building the car for over a year now most of the motor is done just needs water pump done motor is runing sidedrafs and a k50 gear box with custm fly wheel body has fiberglasd flears molded on and it has also been depumerd
  24. Bought this off trade me just before Xmas looks jacked at the front due to lack of engine 1982 TOYOTA COROLLA DX 4AGE ROLLING BODY Certified for: Flares Modified engine mounts Lowered suspension AE86/TE71 back axle 15x7 Alloys 4AGE and 5sp -Guards have been properly flared, not just bolt on -15x6.5 Heroes multipiece racing mags with 2 good pirelli tyres -front fibreglass body kit -King/Cobra springs ( i dont know for sure) Larger diameter than usual so the struts have been modified to account for this. -shortened monroe shocks. -ae86/te71 back axle - diff/discs -full 3inch exhaust and chrome 'dump' tip It had 2 engines in bits and both blocks were fucked but It did include a good bluetop head which has had hardened valve seats and ported and polished. Got a motor lined up with box for pretty cheaps which is good. So I'll have that sent to the builder to get striped, with the bluetop head slotted in and hopefully a set of high comp pistons if all goes well. The body wasnt too bad with minimal rust though some bits (sunroof) have been put in a bit on the cheap. interior wasnt in it when I got it so Ive started slowly reassembling it. couldnt find one nut bolt or screw that I needed. Dash is in about eight thousand pieces so If anyone has a spare COMPLETE dash, either PM me on here or txt on 0273117802. Centre on wheels are being painted black. Future Plans: Get the motor in and running. Get a back bumper and from here either sell it or continue on with the rest, p&p (including twin roundlight front) more engine work (charged in one way or another) seats etc