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  1. For those of you who know me, know I'm a mitsubishi pest. For those who know me even better, know I'm an absolute sucker for mk2 mirage wagons. Spotted this wee duck when we first moved to chch about 3 and a half years ago parked at muscle car madness. Shat my daks tbh, JDM spec twin sunroof wagon. First one of them I'd ever seen. Having seen it around a few times since then and pining hard everytime I knew I needed to acquire it at some point. Fast forward to a couple months back and @azzar found out that it resided only a couple blocks away from me. So of course I did what had to be done and left a note on old m9s window. I then get a call from him in the afternoon and he yarns to me about it, calls it the "mitsuferrari" and tells me the motor is buggered in it, perfect, I'm thinking as this is bargaining power. We agree on a very reasonable price for it. And we pick it up the next day. Combing over it once we got it back to the workshop it's actually a really tidy, rust free little car. Promptly fucked off the ugly mesh grille and hubcaps, replaced the starter motor, as that was all that was "buggered" about it. And she runs smooth as silk. He had put a catch can in as he reckoned the motor was very tired and kept filling it up with oil. Nothing wrong with the motor per say aside from when it's cold, the head drains very poorly so oil fills up in the rocker cover then globs it out into the catch can. Hence it filling up so fast. Took it for a fang once I'd got it running.
  2. A53c? Wow cool project. I’ve got a few a57c parts but shipping would be killer. Good luck! edit: thanks mod my bad.
  3. So my first post here, im currently restoring my 1972 Mitsubishi GTO I just recently acquired here in the US. Does anyone know of any leads on parts? I really need a hood(bonnet) because its so rusty. And I'm always open other parts and pieces. Cheers!
  4. Discuss about how I have been infected with trying to fix rusty old mitsis and should really see a doctor..... Project thread...
  5. Okay like always I haven't been on here for quite some time, so here's what I've been working on the last two years or more. So here's a few posts hopefully in order all at once.... Purchased this sweet L200 off westley, I think hes on here, another mitsi buddy. Was rolling body, didn't look too bad rust wise but whole reason I bought it was because I'm a sucker for twin round headlights This is where it started Discuss here...
  6. Hi Guys, I have already started a discussion thread with information on what i'm planning so I decided to get this one started so I can throw up some pictures of the vehicle and the progress.
  7. Hello everyone, I will try to represent my car. It is ultra RARE version of Galant, with a lot of modifications. Been working on this car for 7years, so updates will keep coming Its in family for around 20years, second owner A lot was done on this car, so i will try to represent it step by step, its a very detailed topic, for true lovers so lets start 1987 Mitsubishi Galant 2.0Turbo DOHC RalliArt Odometre 137xxx km Engine Hardware 4G63T- 2.0T DOHC - 16v, 6bolt 313HP 395Nm Transmission 5 Speed MANUAL gearbox from 2.4engine(4G64) Engine Modifications Vems standalone management system Blow off-Turbosmart dual port boost is on 1.3bar exhaust 70mm(rear custom made muffler with electric cutout) intercooler from EVO10 walbro 255lph fuel pump intake box & k&n filter 560cc injectors from EVO9 Bosch lamda LSU 4.9 Bigger fuel filter, OEM from Eclipse 2G EVO2 BIG 16G turbo EVO2 manifold EVO2 O2 housing EVO8 hrottle body intercooler pipes from steel and polished second ventilator for better cooling water cooling for intercooler Eclipse coils hks turbo timer Brakes: Brake booster from Nissan S14 + brake master cylinder from Carisma GDi Brembo 4pot brakes,320mm slotted and drilled willwood discs + ABS rear standard Turbo Suspension Modifications Front: Cusco coilovers Strut Brace Rear: Cusco coilovers with adjustable dampers strut brace Wheels & Tyre Modifications 17" OZ Superleggera 215/45/17 new Continental ContiSportContact5 tyres Exterior add-ons: RalliArt body kit rain window visiors RalliArt mudflaps Interior Add-ons: power mirrors power windows red light illumination OEM EVO9 RS triple gauge set original power antenna headlight washers cruise control On begining it was a stock 2.0(4G63) carb Then I got a RalliArt body kit in very bad shape, and spend around 200hours to get it in lets say good shape Some polished stuff
  8. The world's worst kept secret is out: After years of pining, I finally went full retard and bought a Starion. To be honest, it wasn't even supposed to be this way. Only last weekend I'd lined up a nice, modern, comfortable, and fiendishly fast 2008 Mazdaspeed Axela to purchase as my new daily driver, having owned one before and knowing exactly what to expect in terms of ownership, tractability and reliability. Sunday was supposed to be the day of the full and final transaction, and I wasn't looking back in any great hurry. THEN... over dinner with friends on Saturday night, while idly browsing Trademe, one of them came across a fresh listing for this here thing. They showed me the ad, I rolled my eyes and chuckled, and told them in no uncertain terms that I'd already decided on the Axela and I didn't really have space, nor the extra folding, to also buy a Starion, and a NZ new one at that (not even a lush Japanese imported one). "But the price!" they exclaimed. "You'd be stupid not to at least take a look!" As with most pressing matters, I slept on it. The next morning, because I wasn't realistically able to get hold of Phil, I called my other Mitsubishi foamer friend Ant (but not without first posting it on OS Trademe finds... ) as I'd decided that taking a look would be the wisest thing to do after watching the price of Starions climb and climb in Japan over the last 5 years. Secretly I hoped that by tagging along with a person who knew '80s Mitsis somewhat well, he could point out all of the bad stuff wrong with the car, and steer me away from buying it. Trouble is, there wasn't actually all that much bad stuff for Ant to point out. In fact the good stuff outweighed the bad by about 20 to 1... and it didn't even blow any blue smoke! So as you can tell by the mere fact you're reading this post, I let gut instinct take over, and purchased the Starion. It's a 1988 NZ new, Euro spec narrowbody EX model. From what I can tell that means it's got the 175ps intercooled 8-valve G63B and super tall 3.5:1 LSD diff, and has a full black leather interior (more on that below). Speedo is in miles and it's only done 52,000 of them, which was one thing that swayed me towards buying it. The key differences between this and the Jap model 8-valve GSRs are the interior (leather didn't seem to make an appearance except in the very early GSR-X models, and never in black, only in blue/tan/maroon), the large TC06 turbo, and the 3.5:1 rear diff, which is obviously geared - no pun intended - towards top-speed Autobahn cruising. Jap ones have a more usable 3.9:1 diff and smaller TC05 which I can only guess makes them more responsive down low. The previous owners have definitely taken great care of the car, and I hope to continue that tradition as well as they have. The last owner, Mike, replaced the clutch and cambelt, and rebuilt the turbo. What can I say about that interior? It's totally ribbed for her pleasure, smells like the 1980s, and wouldn't look out of place in the cockpit of a starfighter spaceship. It's a shame there's no digital dash to top it all off, though! Full photo album here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskEhDhXk Time will tell whether I eventually flick this Starion on to try and fund the importation of a proper Japanese DASH-powered GSR-V narrowbody, or just hang on to it and continue blocking out of my mind the fact it's NZ new, which wreaks havoc with my OCD something chronic. But to be honest, that's the irrational side of me talking... because in hindsight if I'd ignored this one locally, I don't think I would have another opportunity to buy one at a realistic price ever again. Especially when you consider that genuine GSR-Vs are now fetching upwards of $25k in Japan. The car yard wasn't fazed when I called them to cancel the deal on the Axela - luckily I hadn't decided to pay a deposit on it. On the flip side I'm still annoyed at myself because I said I wouldn't buy any more garbage '80s cars and I'm still left with the glaringly obvious conundrum of not actually owning a suitable daily driver! Guess I'm dailying the Starion then. Discuss: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/54171-ted-huangs-starorion-0r10ns-1988-mitsuhishi-starion/
  9. please post here if you have any ideas on what should be next or anything else that can help with the old girl.
  10. Hi Guys I figured it was about time i made one of these for the old girl. I got her 100% original, right down to the AM/FM radio. the only thing the last owner original owner had done was put a kill switch in, aftermarket tacho and some monster horns. After having her for about 2 weeks i decided the old 4g32 had to go so i was on the hunt for a cheap 4g63 then only after another 2 weeks i had one ready to drop in. once i had the cam belt off i noticed the cam pully had a crack in it so off it came and i had a dohc one (they are wider so i cant fit the timing cover back on) that is adjustable so on that went and then just a general tidy up before it went back in the hole.
  11. Link to build thread A place to talk shite about my sigma money pit. Cheers all.
  12. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/51980-jackeo21s-1983-mitsubishi-mirage-panther-ii/ Here's the project.
  13. Hey all, Finally got around to making a thread for the beast that we picked up from ZebraDude not too long ago. Title says it all, its an 83 Mirage panther II. This is a NZ new Todd motors car. At the moment we're just getting it up to rego standards. Got a Carjam report so hope to use it as evidence and keep the black plates. After the reg is sorted it's probably gonna get repainted silver. Was going to give it a set of hotwires later on too. -jackeo21 (it's hard to get pics where it is)
  14. Hey, I've got a 1978 Mitsubishi Colt which were doing up. Its pretty much a driveable project car. I've had it for 2 and a half years and i'm finally starting to work on it, so i thought i'll join oldschool for any tips or ideas. I think its also known as a Sapporo but its registered as a Colt. The pillar-less ones are pretty rare.
  15. Hey Everyone, (Project Thread) Here's my baby. Now, I wonder if anyone can help? The seller says the car's a GSR but since she hasn't been very honest, I'm having my doubts...(then again she could be misinformed and very oblivious) All the car really has to associate him with a GSR is his bolt-ons but these could have easily been fitted. He has no identifying badges. They were thrown out with the original grille. He has no GSR seats. Was told the front were swapped (one's green, the other's brown. Thought only one might have been replaced but none match the colour of the back seat and interior, which is black). No mention of the back seat being changed but it has a different pattern to the GSRs that I have seen online (eg. 1, 2 ). Also, the back side panel is different. Mine has a debossed GT in the back and a metal strip above the ridges. I don't see that in this GSR. Lastly, his chassis number starts with A57C - 39O (A57C - 39O1176) where the 75 GSRs on goo-net-exchange (eg. 1, 2) start with A57C - 371. In saying that, I did find a 4g52 motor for sale that says it's Grade GTO GSR and it's body number is A57C - 3903332. Unsure how reliable it is since the seller does not know the year or model. (Anyone know how to read the chassis number? Contacted Mitsubishi about it but haven't heard back yet) I'm not really fussed either way but it would be good to know what I have. Edit: Added Project link. Changed for readability. Added and edited info. Changed title (we think it's actually a 73 not a 75 model. Will change back if Mitsubishi says otherwise).
  16. Hey Everyone, (Discussion Thread) This is my baby, got a lot of work to do on him. Was given the impression that he was in better condition than he is but ah well. Will update after I have stripped him down. Hopefully there won't be any more surprises (Please ignore the raised bonnet. It does close, albeit somewhat a bit tightly. Just forgot to shut it after looking at the engine) Edit: Added Discussion link. Edited title (we think it's actually a 73 not a 75 model. Will change back if Mitsubishi says otherwise).
  17. So awhile back I got given this insanely wicked car, a 1972 Mitsubishi Galant Colt. I didn't know much about them, although apparently they are quite rare to come across these days. Anyways I fell in love with it immediately. It comes with full original interior, original number plates, original tires etc. I also really dig the pillerless effect! Anyways I will share some photos of the project (it will be very slow in the making as I'm a full-time uni student) yet it will be completed in the end. Any feedback would be lovely to read, and if anyone has any spear parts they're willing to sell, I would be most delighted in hearing from you. Discussion Thread
  18. Discuss away, build at: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/48215-kcs-1982-skidma/
  19. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/48218-kcs-1982-skidma-discussion/ Righto, Bit of a background of me: Im Kc Rose and iv been a viewer on this site for the last three years, but never had a post of my own. Im 18 Years old and am an Apprentice engineer. Although This is a post about my 82' sigma ill share some oldschool background first: My First car was a 1982 greenied de-sprung Ex lancer with the might 1200cc powerplant that i bought at 15yo this was my afterschool project with help from my dad. after we had finished it looked like this and after I got d.i.c'd while i had loss of traction we rebuilt a 4g32(1600cc) motor and put that in. so after i got offered a stupid amount of money for it i kinda went on a spending spree getting a vs commodor (no pics coz not oldschool) a 78' datsun c20 van, an 81' Sigma and an 88' Volvo 740. now after a while i sold the van which later i found out got written off and i sold the sigma which my father has told me has nearly been written of several times around town. and of course i sold the commodor well.. because it wasnt oldschool! so what im left with is a 88' volvo. And this is my dream car believe it or not. ever since 8 years old i had un unhealthy want for a 740 wag. so after lots of trademe hunting i found one. after driving it around for 3 months it was clear that the old girl needed some tlc. so i decided i would buy a runabout and take the 2 tonne beast off the road for some AU Falcon turboness.. haha! but more about that on another thread. Anyway! here is my 1982 skidma runabout/driving project
  20. So what I thought was a blown head gasket is in fact a cracked cylinder head. Damn. I can get my hands on a 4G51 head from a Colt 1850. Do any experienced Mitsi guys out there know off the top of their heads if these are compatible? or do I need to wait until I can get at it, pull it off and have a look for myself? Cheers
  21. Hey am wondering if anyone knows of someone who has done a rb conversion on a l200 ute. I have just started doing one now so am undeterred if its the first of its kind. Project thread: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/48423-targa-1982-mitsubishi-l200-ute/
  22. So have come across this pretty straight looking l200 with no rust ( a little in the door ) that i have started making plans for. As it sits it has no engine or gearbox so i have decided to fit a RB22DET 5 Speed to it and see how she goes. Interested to hear peoples views on this and here to get some great advice at the same time. Discussion Thread: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/48425-targa-1982-mitsubishi-l200-ute-rb-conversion/#entry1520912
  23. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/47813-dannybattie-1973-colt-1600/ Discussion here - see link for project Advice on what to replace the 4G32 Saturn Engine with? Keen to keep costs down and ideally looking to keep the swap fairly straight forward. But a 2 liter and extra power would be nice. 4G61/4G62/4G63 ????? Any advice on engine upgrades/swaps??
  24. Hi Everybody. Welcome to my first ever post on ANY forum so please excuse any mistakes I may make(hopefully none) I'll like to document my(very slow) build on my 1982 EX Mitsubishi Lancer I bought this car off my boss as a crashed, green stickered, no rego'd car they had left it to sit underneath a few trees at their house and I said time to give her up Scott(my boss' name) so he finally gave in and sold it to me. $800 later which i was happy with So hopefully it will end up how I invision and hopefully with a fair bit of help along the way from you lot Here is the car how I bought it.
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