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  1. So as the 4G52 is slowly killing it's rings I've decided to hot up a 4G54 2.6 to keep the engine looking semi original as they are the same series engine. Picked up a 1990 L200 for $600, ran like a treat but was deregistered so suited me well. Drove it to my old man's workshop and spent Sunday pulling the engine and gearbox out. It's awesome having forklifts accessible to assist removal and makes water blasting the engine so much easier. I sold my series one Rx7 and bought a daily so the sigma can rest up in the shed. Have been so slack I haven't even test fit my steelies yet but again, all in good time! Spend today pulling the 2.6 to bits to see what I can do. Looking at the valves and the pistons it looks as if I can't shave the head or deck the block so I will be looking at welding up the chambers in the head. Sorry no pics as I'm on a tablet and it's telling me I can only upload 0.78mb of pics which is literally nothing!
  2. cheers mate, not really that keen on 4g54's. if i was to do anything it would be a de-stroker 2.4L hybrid with the 4g63 sohc. turns into a 2.1L and revs to 11,000rpm
  3. if i could get the bloody thing running 100% i would make it to a meet (even if i do blow blue smoke at everyone)
  4. I love that green! ive owned a few of these sedans and this is the only one i have seen in this color, iv had blue, light brown, red, white, poo brown, orange but never green. id love to see it stay that way just because its so different to the other standard sigma colors. if your going shiny everything on the motor, a nice satin black in the bay looks nice as well though, brings attention to the engine. but awesome build thread and ill be watching it every step of the way!
  5. not much progress of late, the old 4g52 is running a bit smokey which i have identified as blow by. still trying to sell my s1 rx7 to get a daily which will mean the 52 gets a birthday. for now its running a litre or two of moreys haha. was running like a bag of shit, missing etc. had a 2.6l 4g54 electronic dizzy i had acquired a while back and decided to just give it a go and see if it will fit and work. purchased an electronic coil off Sidewaysickness and ripped the old points dizzy out. turns out they are identical in length and teeth so its worked a treat, and no more miss!!! stoked as. next will be a new exhaust as it has about 4 holes the size of a $2 coin. but all in good time!
  6. just been chipping away at the intake manifold have chopped it up, modified the thermostat housing and milled the flange and bolted it up to a steel plate to prevent warpage. also cleaned up the 4-2-1 extractors (just take the heat transfer off) oh and i have pics!!!
  7. So took the old girl for a wof today and was happy with the result, it failed on the faded rear tail light and the front left brake piston, so i swapped out the lense with one that came in the boot of the car along with other parts. i will be removing the caliper and pumping the piston back and for to attempt to free it, but if all else fails it looks as if EX lancer calipers are the same and i have some. also painted my steelies again, left the granit type effect but painted over it with a brushed steel metallic paint and it came out awesome. i found an intake manifold to chop up and a set of extractors that should be arriving shortly. cheers
  8. cheers mate! the legality of widening steelies is that the welds are to be no further than 75mm apart, but thats only if you are welding a band in, in my case i single welded them using two sets of rims
  9. Righto, turbo engine has sold! My laptop has spit the dummy so I can not upload pictures grr. I've bought a set of quad carbs from a honda motorbike and I'm on a mission to find another intake manifold I can chop up and use the flange to make my manifold so if you have something please let me know!!!
  10. So I've decided that the car is just too bloody original to fuck with. And saying that my turbo engine is for sale, but will not come with flywheel and starter motor as I need them to convert my 4G52 to manual. The plan now is to manual convert, headers, cam, quad carbs and a full exhaust:-) thanks for looking and send me a message if you are interested in the G63bt engine. Cheers
  11. so was going to go with 185/55/14 all round but some 195/60/14s popped up for cheap so i got them put on and leak tested and balanced on the 9's and all went great but i think ill source some 185's for the 8's as they wont have much stretch otherwise.
  12. took the flywheel off just out of curiosity and im glad i did now. the spigot bearing was naffed and the flywheel had around 0.8mm recess wear from the clutch plate so machined it up and took a small amount off the back aswell, and also replaced the bearing. but a bit off good news is it has a fairly new exedy clutch plate.
  13. Hi mate, did them myself haha just chucked in the lathe, machined out the centers of 4 donor rims, then parted them with how much offset i wanted, then parted the front lip off the sigma steelies then welded on the new lips.
  14. So turns out im quite lazy when it comes to removing paint. although i left brake fluid soaking on them for 3 days it didnt seem to do a heck of a lot. i tried rubbing with meths but it would have taken a f*cking long time so i thought why not just paint them the same scheme as the wheels, so that's what i did. i found a hidden 420 sign though. so off i went and painted the wheels and centre caps, and im bloody happy how they turned.
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