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  1. Well you will be well happy that my Xmas present to myself this year will be drop spindals for this haha little bit blushing
  2. Thanks mate! It's going to look sick when all up as a tent. I wanted to put it up in the garage but wasn't enough head height and raining to heavy outside.
  3. Decided didn't want to drag a trailer around all summer on my adventures and felt like a project away from my house. So have mounted the camper on my c10 bed! (Camper not damaged in anyway can go back to factory in an hour) should look quite call all up. Just need to extend the side legs with extensions. Also midnight upholstery is whipping a new cover up for it this week. If weather is good this weekend it will get test run
  4. I'm unsure if I have the room in my shed for this?? JUST JOKES HAHAHAHaH!!!!
  5. I'm pretty keen to roll again! Will be staying at my beach house not to far away
  6. Thanks for the photos mate! Exactly how all the Americans lower there trucks just wanted to see someone do it out side of America before I decide if it was a good way to do it haha. I'm going to do exactly the method of lowering on my truck. It sits at a good height.
  7. Such a cool truck! Is it coil spring rear end or leaf like mine? Interssted to see how it's lowered
  8. Very cool collection! Need more American car nuts on here. Where you located in aucks?
  9. Just started hosing down at my house in Auckland Northern heights is say by ten it will be at c&c
  10. Terrible timing! If wasn't balls deep in house build I would of bought it
  11. Was a great day! Just chill as, good chats, good swap meet scored some gems. Shit Greg for having us afterwards your the man! Took one photo as usual {\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252 {\fonttbl\f0\fswiss\fcharset0 Helvetica;} {\colortbl;\red255\green255\blue255;\red0\green0\blue0;\red255\green255\blue255;} \deftab720 \pard\pardeftab720\sa320\qc\partightenfactor0 \f0\fs22 \cf2 \cb3 \expnd0\expndtw0\kerning0 \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 \ }
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