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  1. Ummn.. How you do the calc? Because I can't get an output that makes sense. 77mm stroke and 9500rpm? Edit, I get 1,462,893...... Edit. Because a 535 BMW diesel has a mean piston speed of 889,101mm/min.. @Guypie your numbers all seem too low?
  2. Yeah there's two trains of thought, one is the old school slow break in method, the other is GIVE IT Heaps so that the rings wear in properly before the cross hatching has gone. Most people who know anything now seem to go with the GIVE IT Heaps method. Anyway, richen it up a bit to keep things cooler maybe?
  3. We are totally on the same page. I just trying to figure out sohc's logic
  4. How does break in for 100km prevent these issues? Are you saying pistons and bores wear a measurable amount? Genuine question.
  5. Every gn 125 ever made has been pinned at full throttle for extended periods. Every small bike has.
  6. Next time get cylinder sized properly to piston /double checked AND run a little 2t oil in the fuel?
  7. Does a gn250 drive train fit into this? Most people would give a nut to have a big block engine that bolts in- if it's that easy for you then I say you'd be silly not to. Might not be as much Internet points as modifying the 125 but you won't care once on the road and literally doing hunnits everywhere.
  8. Wife's dad had one for a while. She has memories of them leaving Hamilton for Auckland but only making it to Huntley before breaking down. Lol
  9. Would you be interested in doing some plywood trellis type panels for me? I just have some random designs (tui, grayfish, fern etc) that I'd like profiled out for a feature wall plus a few more to sell. Like this: (Lol, jokes )
  10. Got a 24L fuel tank from a guy in aus. Not noticable while riding (it's narrower than the bars so who cares) and means I can do much more than 150km before fretting. Took it to work today too, that was lush.
  11. Fark imagine a woman that welds, builds cnc machines and safari truck things. Take my money
  12. Hi Nick. Where did you find your models? Draw them up yourself? I'd love to have him mill up a thumb hole stock for my model 7 but I have no design drawn up yet. I have a number of nice walnut blanks too if you want.
  13. Omg, you could sell quite a few of those in a heartbeat. I’ll take one, seriously.
  14. Man that must have been a huge amount of work to get blocked out nice.
  15. Pretty Impressive!! Why do you have a scanner?
  16. Wow this is confusing, but interesting.
  17. Computer chair swivel stand is genius
  18. Rediscovered this thread @tortron your video and comment made me laugh for a second time.
  19. Idea https://www.nzbrush.co.nz/shop/doorstrip-and-gutter-protector/door-strip-plastic-back/
  20. Done a few hundred km on this since fitting the fairing, wider seat, battery tender, dampened sprocket and Vapor dash. She's a WIN so far. The fairing is extremely effective at reducing pressure and buffeting to chest- unfortunately that air has gone up into my helmet area and increased noise, so have sealed up helmet vents as they are known for being loud. The wider seat is SO MUCH NICER to spend time than before. Its true what they say, 2" makes all the difference. The battery tender (as mentioned numerous times) is fucking magic. I can crank this thing for ages now (has happened a few times when forgetting fuel tap) The dampened sprocket has removed the harshness from the drive train. Its nowhere near as good as a full cush hub but its night and day difference to before, and far far far cheaper. The vapor dash should be standard on all road legal dirt bikes. Having water temp is brilliant but the biggest benefit is having an easy to use trip meter to plan fuel stops. The new higher location and bigger screen is soooooooo much better to, so very happy. The night before Greg went away on holiday he also did some sewing for me. I got a waterproof belt bag from Rebel Sport and had him stitch on an extra strap plus form a loop. I was trying to copy the expensive Giant Loop setup and reckon we had 100% success. Its super handy and in a far better location than any normal "tank" bag as real-estate is limited. It fits all my annoying things needed while out. Bottle of water, keys, wallet, phones etc Also went for a great ride on saturday - followed a mate on his new R1 thing - He was being careful so it was easy to keep up. Figured out when riding nicely I can get around 180km to a tank- The Vapor has made this much easier to track..
  21. got any more pics on how you did this? very very nice work.
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