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  1. Check out Whitehorse Industries in Melbourne
  2. the guy that bought the cobra shell is going to take a mold off it and whip up a few more!
  3. slot out the holes if you need them in a hurry!.. they'll fit
  4. Also, another option, http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/performance/air-filters/auction-649747567.htm I'll do a deal for oldschoolers on these if wanted
  5. Try Rowe Storage, Maces Rd, Bromley. It's a storage area with various size units, but the good thing is they don't mind you working there! Was a good price too
  6. Tryin to hook up a few local vw's for ya .. we too will travel far for a cup of tea! Which school's it at???
  7. Looking sweet dude! ... great to see it on the road!
  8. I had one recently down Maces Rd. Can't remember what its called but from woolston it's on the left before kiwi. Anyway, was only about $40 a week but was big, had power and they didn't mind you working from there. Worth checking out!
  9. Looking great!!! ... good score on the motor too!!
  10. 26-31 December is when the Greymouth Rodders have their run and show, so you'll probably come across a bunch of them on the road
  11. the world needs more lowered bays!! mine was the lowest at the Nats but still needs so much more! wheels are standard bay 14" up front and 16" Merc at the back. Both are running with custom wheel trims that cover the holes and look like early smoothies. Held in place with early hubcaps.. Time for a change of wheels now though so current ones up for grabs
  12. definitely needs to be lower out back but waiting for adjustable spring plates.. ..can't be arsed with the tailbone smashing 3 spline ride!
  13. Ball joint beam??? If so there's not much choice for dropped spindles. They are f*kn expensive http://transporterhaus.de/index.php?opt ... Itemid=163 or welded, which is a no-go for cert Depending on how low you want to go, you can just run adjusters http://www.wagenswest.com/partstore/ind ... sters.html want to save some coin then just run one.. I'm running with one only and the ride is surprisingly great! Out back you can just turn your springplate 1-2 notches, fit boomerang plates or run with adjustable springplates That's pretty much the basics of it. Here's mine that is running one adjuster up front and adjusted 2 nothches out back. Lowest point up front is approx 110mm.
  14. I'm out in Oxford... Got just under half a metre of snow out here
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