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  1. tho you are likely to end up arse first around a corner due to the weight of the engine in the back, thus leaving the fueltank untouched
  2. they are quite a bit back, so you can get some serious cruch on and still not hit it, got to be better than that american car (forget name) that had it right in the boot, and exploded at the slightest bender
  3. yea boe, easy as, barely need it to start rolling mine
  4. im planning on looking rat/unwofable, na may have slapd sum paint/mean interior in by then
  5. chevette rostyles are 5.5 arnt they, by coincidence i have some on trademe
  6. janspeed made one back in the day, good luck of even hearing about someone who has found one of them tho
  7. i suggest everyone come to my place and meke my waka
  8. is that right? i would assume that thos 2 centre ones should also be cut out, and that the others should be more than just a drill hole size. possible cause of why car isnt going? i.e warpage mechanic replaced it after vlave regrind a couple of years go
  9. currently sitting on my car along with centre caps (only 3 dammit tho) chrome beauty rings and the chrome chevette nuts. looking fairly hems, black bits need repainting, may do them some rank dark brown to be different. looks high as a kite now tho, probably just an illusion now have a spare set without tyres also roof = teh painted, need to cut it up to get it sparkle sparkle yet tho
  10. look up the sportspack manual i think it is, have a gander on chevettes.com i think, like 200 pages of chevette engine modding goodness
  11. if you rip all the black shit off the stock wheel you can unbolt the wheel from the factory boss, has 4 bolts, rig up an adaptor and you're away laughing
  12. tortron

    Bike Carbs

    iv got a 2nd set of carbs for my bike, buy them etc
  13. meh, have towed a bike with a bike before.... using a bungee cord as a tow rope
  14. dunno, 30-40 k. slow as anyway. im so tuff that the road just bounces off me
  15. right so i got it, towed it, halfway back tow rope caught on the front wheel = me doing macgyver stz commandow roll down road, landed on feet and walked off being awesome/leather ftw. anyway, have stripped the thing. recon i should chuck it in the skip bin down the road (na yea i will acctually do that, tho need to break it down into manageable peices)
  16. hey guys, i just got another bike off trade me, same as mine cept it dosnt go. can anyone help me out with like a truck and a ramp/plank of wood or a car and trailer (or i could just roll it into the back of mikiunis wagon this weekend would be mega plus its a great opp to meet me cos im awesome churr oh phone = 027 4165229
  17. giant steeringwheel with suicide knob / more marmite
  18. chevette is 4*100 so not uncommon same as vw golf for your info
  19. ongoing process, probably take it to uni with me next year depending if i can get a place where i can keep it. needs repainting hard. tho the roof is now smooth as
  20. Suicycle MADDNESS continues engine is mounted and would probably go if i started it (probly with a drill as on of the tab things on the pull start broke, may be fixable) oh and i de stickered it, heaps better/dont notice due to the front mounted death machine
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