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  1. Plox

    Will this intercooler be sufficient?

    I'd say its on the small side for 350whp. Try find something thicker or taller for more cross sectional flow area (ideally). My 230x550x63 IC was a significant restriction at 280wkw/375whp (awd) with something like 4/5psi of pressure drop. It cooled the air effectively but the flow area was too restrictive. Now I have a similar size but 100mm thick and it has no pressure drop, also the tune needed more fuel and less wastegate duty for the same boost. Edit: Also look at ITL intercoolers, had them recommended by a few people and do the trick while not costing the earth (could get their 500x300x100 cut down to 500x180x100 or so).
  2. We are wanting to fit a coil over conversion kit to my farthers Morris minor, but we should probably check how legal it is first. I assume the answer is take it to the certifier and ask, but it could be simple hell no and no need to waste his or our time. Has anyone used one of the Spax front coil over conversion kits ( or similar and know if they are certifiable in NZ? Bottom of the coil over mounts to the lower arm like below: Top of the coil over mounts to a plate which is bolted to the existing "shock" like so: Thanks in advance for any advice
  3. Plox

    Gx71 Brake rotor replacements

    I couldn't find the right disc's for my mx83, north shore Toyota found them from another supplier. If you haven't tried them I'd suggest it, seem to be a bit more helpful and on to it than the average. Repco has a listing for mx73 but none in stock anywhere.
  4. I'll be there for the Sunday at least
  5. Plox

    Help me choose a fuel pump

    A single walbro should supply more than enough for 250kw in the future. That or Bosch, no need to change other components. FPR should hold the fuel pressure the same as with your factory pump. Pretty much +1 to what testament said
  6. Plox

    The Westpala

    Sooo, much driving? Hows it been going?
  7. Plox

    Commadore gurus, VT commy no start?

    If he's going in that direction he will need a BCM and matching key, or an eprom chip (available off trademe for ~$70 with the return of the current one) that disables the immobiliser function in the ECU. When my paddock commy wouldn't start due to the dead key/immoboiliser it wouldn't fire at all
  8. So I took the car for a cert, one of the items it failed on was that it needs a heat shield between master cylinder and exhaust (turbo housing). Would a turbo beanie meet the requirement? (I asked him but he wasn't sure how good they were and said he would need to be able to hold has hand in between them after going for a decent drive) For those not familiar with Subaru's, picture below (sorry about the photo, I was trying to work out what master cylinder I had):
  9. Thanks for that, more up to date than the one I found. It's currently on a reduced tune making 180 ish kw atw but it can make another 100wkw. According to Wiki it was 164kw out of the factory (at engine).
  10. Problem with with these is the driveshaft needs to be from bc to have the hanger in the right spot. Or will that remove the hanger and then I'll only need to install a front loop? Yea bit lower, not hella flush or anything though. Has adjustable rear arms and front camber plates & bolts so with a decent alignment it should be OK.
  11. Hi all, wanting to gather knowledge on getting my car cert'd. Mainly needs a cert for brakes and adjustable suspension. It's a bc5 Subaru legacy RS & it has a Garrett, Link ecu etc. (so I believe it classes as significant power increase, sadly), upgraded to 6 speed Subaru gearbox, factory Subaru driveshaft to suit (uni directly after the yoke & join after the mid hanger bearing), standard rear end. Thoughts on the need for driveshaft loop(s)? Going on the LVVTA sheet it should have a rear drive shaft loop due to power increase? (if so it's going to be a huge pain to install due to a lack of space ), I'm a bit unclear about the front half. Any feedback appreciated
  12. Do you need doors for a re-vin? Have heard you don't need doors for a wof but unsure about how true it is.
  13. Plox

    Bee R rev limiters??

    Just a rev limiter that cuts spark but not fuel aren't they? Would imagine they are similarly harsh as anti lag or launch control - excess use causes turbo issues, burn't valves and chew through exhaust gaskets
  14. Plox

    oil coolers and thermostats advice

    Not a fan of sandwhich plates but you can get these if it suits placement on your car: You can get inline thermos with an oil filter relocation kit etc. Unsure about power steering thermo but could just use lines like a lot of factory cars have.
  15. Plox

    4age, k50 box, starter motor?

    Need a starter that's from a k50 box I believe. Need a bit more info around the cert. Assuming your doing a 4age swap into something that use to have a smaller engine? Any performance shop would do a engine swap and get running but a lot of $$$$ I would think, and you would still need to organize cert etc. Edit: Just remembered that starter motors off 3au engines should fit (k50 box)