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  1. well it was a rear sump, and i put my front sump and oil pick up on it from my 1ggeu. but the dip stick location is the same.
  2. so mines 42cm long and part number is 15301-88301.
  3. awesome man thankyou, how many litres fills ur 1ggte? including the smaller style oil filter?
  4. can someone with a factory 1ggte measure there dipstick length please? i have a feeling mines too long and getting a false reading.
  5. havnt tried super cheap, will give it a go, no luck anywhere else yet
  6. thats what i thought but both Repco and TRC toyota cant find any
  7. didnt really wana go down that road haha but yea mx73 are the same but all discontinued.
  8. hey guys, i own an 85 Toyota MarkII Grande Gx71. and need front brake rotors but they are discontinued.. does anyone have any info on a replacement off another car that fits? any help would be awesome thanks!
  9. how is the shock body so short? what are they off?
  10. thats as low as she goes at the front...insert dissapointed face here..
  11. they are set up like the second pic, guy that did them said it would be a major mish to undo his welding and plug welds, wish i had knowen that first ud think adjustables would let you go lower than what it is tho its a bit of a joke tbh.
  12. just wounder if theres any tricks to getting more low in gx71 toyotas with bc golds? seriously dissapointed with the front its almost high and its all been welded and crack tested cost me heaps! and it cant even go low? any tricks?
  13. help me get my car back on the road guys! 85 Toyota Mark II Grande hardtop. need front left gaurd, front left headlight and fog light, front bumper and grill! any location of possible parts is greatly appriciated!