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  1. I was replying to Nominal's question about only being able to see the arc and not the metal around it. The issue you're describing sounds like the film is still on the inside or outside of the filter or the filter covers need to be replaced.
  2. Lighting the area will help a lot but a lighter shade might also be a benefit. The one I posted above does shades 5-13. Usually 5-8 is only used for plasma cutting but I can imagine it would be ok for low amp mig welding too.
  3. What settings did it have in the helmet? It sounds like the delay was set too slow or the sensitivity too low. I wholesale these helmets now - 4 sensor, huge lens area, all the adjustments and grind mode. We've sold a couple of container loads since November and they're doing well out there. Most places sell them for about $179+ GST.
  4. I've seen this done before on a friend's car. We started with a complete Altezza loom (including most of the body loom) and got it running with a pile of extra loom in the passengers foot well and the clutch switch taped down. The next stage was a long process of cutting wires, testing to see how it ran and then removing un needed sections of loom. Not the fastest way to do it, but meant it didn't require a rocket surgeon to get it going.
  5. Just a note on the free test day at Manfeild - it's not an open invite for all and sundry to come and play on the track for free. It's free for entrants and club members with the idea being that we can take our volunteers for rides as thanks for all the hard work they do. If you want to get on track I suggest attending one of the Envirowaste clubsport events: I'm open to the idea of running another OS trackday with the proviso being that we only use track 3 at Taupo because it's cheap.
  6. More pics here:
  7. Great meet tonight! Thanks to everyone who came along. We had an A+ turnout.
  8. Come to Hamilton meet, you're all welcome there. May 18th at Burgerfuel Rototuna!
  9. The local Burgerfuel team are really getting behind this! See you next Thursday.
  10. Hi Sherry, glad you made it to the forum! Surely one of you guys must be keen for a $150 bonus this weekend? There's quite a few cars in Auckland that fit the bill!
  11. You guys going to run another event? If not I'll un-sticky this.
  12. Facebook link:
  13. Next meet May 18th - here's the new thread: BurgerFuel are giving us two giveaway packs for each meet. Each pack has a couple of free meals and a couple of movie passes, so get your old cars out for this one!
  14. The next meet is Thursday December 12th at 6pm. THIS MONTH WE'RE CRUISING TO RAGLAN This month we're cuising TO RAGLAN for fish and chips on the wharf. Get your old cars, utes, bikes etc out of the shed! December 12, 2109 - Meet at 6PM and be ready to roll out by 6:30pmNEW MEETING SPOT - meet at Westside Classics Waikato clubrooms located behind the Backyard Bar and Eatery 1333 Horotiu Road, Whatawhata. Park in the big gravel carpark behind the cafe. NEW RAGLAN LOCATION - This year we will be cruising to the Papahua / Kopua Domain in Raglan. Search the location of Jo's Takeaways on google if you get lost . We usually meet at Burgerfuel Rototuna on the second to last Thursday of the month. Meet there around 7pm for burgers, sharns and old cars. Address: Shop T4, Countdown Centre, Horsham Downs Road, Rototuna, Hamilton 3210 The local owners of BurgerFuel are stoked that we are having our meets at their premises and have offered us a couple of freebie packs for each meet. From now on we'll be giving away two prize packs every month! Each pack includes 2 x BurgerFuel meal vouchers and 2 x movie passes. We'll be giving these away to attendees who bring their old cars along - so get your jalopies out of the shed! Here's a few pics from our last meet in Rototuna:
  15. Awesome meet guys! Thanks for making the effort to come down. We had perfect weather, free food and good company. Cameron from Burgerfuel is stoked. I think we all agree that this should be the new location for our monthly meets?
  16. Can everyone please aim to be at Burgerfuel by 11am. We'll get getting burgers at 12. See you all in the morning!
  17. Seems like it's going to be a nice day! Here's the GPS location. It's between the pet shop and the Sharing Shed. 110 Thomas Rd, Rototuna, Hamilton 3210
  18. Hey guys, this is now our April monthly meet. See you Saturday! Facebook event:
  19. Hey guys! This months meet is going to be the new Burgerfuel store opening on Saturday. See here for details:
  20. The red coupe would be awesome actually @0R10N. That'd look great in the front line up.
  21. Hey guys, this is coming up on Saturday. Cars and burgers = win. I still need a couple of more... presentable... cars to feature out the front of the shop. We've got Greg's beetle and Chris's Holden wagon. It would be nice to have 5 "OS Nice" cars next to the front door. All volunteers skip to the front of the queue for a free meal (burger, chips, drink).