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  1. First drive today! Only just couple of gears and not too much throttle. looking for noises vibrations. etc. Cant go too nuts until i get the breather out of the way of the exhaust. Sounds great, will share some engine sounds, tomorrow will be picking up and bringing her home Exhaust leak fixed, VBand tightened & internal loose baffle sorted. Intake now plumbed up and custom intake pipe now has a nice hose for the rocker cover breather. Steering is super heavy have made a mistake with using a quick rack and using the short power steering AE86 steering knuckles, will drop the stan
  2. VTec set to come in at 5000 RPM instead of factory 6000 or so, peak torque boost, thankyou Honda engineers u r awesome. I think it outputs more ATW than my stock 04 WRX did.
  3. So most of the electrics are done, few niggly things left, looking to change to AIM dash maybe since it has icons for road use etc. Speed sensor input not working on haltech, waiting on oil and fuel pressure sensors. LiFePo4 Battery died on second dyno run, replaced with AGM equivolent, what a pain, but should get it going. Will need to remake the battery holder again. Dyno Run has been completed. 156.4 RWKW/ 209 odd RWHP of NA goodness should propel this little rocket nicely. A whole lot of stuff to tidy up though... Steering is a bit stiff need to look
  4. Progress - Had to get a few more Racepak cables in, sorted now. Engine running (!!!) with default tune, electronic dash and PDM operational, found baffle in muffler is loose so needs to be replaced, no major issues identified with plumbing. Waiting on fuel and oil pressure sensors and terminating CAN resistor. All default car functions hooked up to PDM. Still to do Air con wiring. Considering swapping out to AIM dash which is more street oriented with built in LEDs for all street functions. Will see, that dash looks a bit more modern than the IQ3.
  5. Mechanically mostly plumbed up now: Delivered for wiring today:
  6. Fascinating brilliant to know! Keep up your excellent work. How much does a complete engine weigh?
  7. Apologies if youve been already asked but, is it not economic to just 3D print the metal parts? so much time making those molds i bet.
  8. Prepped and used black Por-15 then assembled the column ready for fitting back into the car today. New bearings were installed. No movement now after hot glue.
  9. Fixed that issue with pic #2! 350mm was not able to locate the smaller one new.
  10. Very nice mate, i do like the zinc plating and clear bead blasted gearbox. You’ve given me inspirations
  11. Took some pics of front end as is, Custom front cross member, custom adjustable length T3 lower control arms, all hiem jointed. Harsh but accurate!
  12. haha welcome to hondota club. k20 has so much easy potential too. nice choice.
  13. Dang that axle popping, very lucky not to be hurt. Do you think it was vibration at speed that caused it to let go? or was it just unlucky timing, would have thought it would let go at low speed where there is max Torque? Excellent build love the setup. LOVE BEAMS
  14. Being an electrician, I hate wires and love software. Also it fitted with the Haltech plug and play + dash, it all talks together. I hope... Want the analogue stuff like fuel level feeding into it, fuel gets low ill restrict it to only 9k RPM to get to the gaser quickly, see all makes sense and totally practical.
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