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  1. My brand new kickstart lever turned up from the Netherlands. It was a very reasonable price (16 euro) but the shipping was not! (I don't want to mention the shipping cost). Nevertheless, it's super nice to be able to start this without going for a run.... I got itchy toes and wanted to experiment with the pipe some more, so I spent waaaay to long mucking around with this expensive spreadsheet. The calculations gave me quite a long chamber length and kept the standard header length... But man it was long. I had to pull the muffler up on a 45° angle to avoid a tripping hazard for pedestrians. Took it for a few hoons like that, found no real benefit to performance and decided I didn't like it, so I chopped the whole thing up again and put it back to the old setup: Good way to waste a couple of days . Hopefully my sprockets turn up from Yambits this week. I'm keen to see how far I can gear it up!
  2. I'm keen for a Sunday ride. I've got a day party on Sat afternoon, so it's Sunday or bust for me.
  3. Wow that's good economy! The A100 must keep up with those other bikes with no effort. What's your top speed so far?
  4. Sorry, paid now . Better put @Archetype's name down for a patch too I think.
  5. Hah, they're not very big, so hopefully it won't ruin the handling too much. But it should help for wheelies! I've also ordered a small tank bag from Aliexpress, so that will balance it out a small amount...
  6. Any reason you're wrapping it? I assume it's just to avoid burnt legs as there's no performance advantage. Make sure you leave the first 50mm (at least) of the header unwrapped, otherwise it'll have a detrimental effect on your spanny's ringadingability. Great work by the way!
  7. This looks like a whole lot of fun. Tall bike wheelies FTW.
  8. Started on storage for the East Cape mission. Threw a couple of ammo boxes at it - they’re bolted to a couple of flat bar straps that will be fastened to the rack. Mmmm paneer.
  9. Hey @tortron, you should join us on some kind of powered bicycle.
  10. Oh yep, that's roughly a 25% increase in ratio / reduction in torque. Mine will be 27% if I go to the 14T sprocket, but I ordered the smaller ones to get my acceleration back if it ends up too doughy .
  11. Good stuff! How many teeth was your original front sprocket and what's the rear? I've just ordered 3 sizes to play around with on my bike - I'll have 11T (standard), 12T, 13T and 14T sprockets to test.
  12. Yep, close that bleed hole up! I’m picking for 49cc you’ll want 14-15mm at the exit. It looks pretty huge at the mo? Smaller exit = more of the pressure wave returned off the reversion cone = more likely to achieve e resonance. Great work once again. You must have set a record for most projects finished on oldscool!
  13. By twisting up two bits of solder, laying them across the piston just below TDC, then bolting the head on and rocking the engine past TDC to squash the solder. Here’s mine: It’s a good idea to measure your compression ratio at the same time so you don’t go overboard on compression... I made a little rig to CC my head and the dome of my piston... I’ve gone pretty far down the 2T rabbit hole now and might not come back.
  14. Got the cylinder back from the machine shop on Friday afternoon and fitted it that night. I decided to use the original 50cc head, rather than the new 45mm head. It goes a LOT better than it did before machining! I'm currently running it with no head gasket, just copper spray and it's got about .8mm squish at its tightest point when cold. Decided to take it for a test hoon with @mark105 and @64valiant on Saturday. It ran really well! I was doing 70-80kph on most of the flat stuff, had enough torque to make it up hills and even managed a peak speed of over 100kph on a downhill run. It's a pretty wild time at 100! The lead and the Vespa both leave me for dead up hills due to their big block engines, but I'm happy with my performance now. We started at 10-5's place and headed out to Raglan via Limeworks loop and Waitetuna Valley road. Before ending up at Greg's place on Saturday afternoon: Here's my full journey for the weekend: Pretty happy with it TBH! The only issue I had was a flogged out kickstart lever... I've ordered a new one from the Netherlands and I'm pretty sure the spline on the shaft will live to see another day. There's definitely more performance to be had if I spend some time on expansion chamber design. The current setup feels like it makes peak power at mid RPM, so the pipe needs to be shorter overall to achieve proper resonance, but it's good to get some K's under my belt! I also did a plug chop on the way home and the AFR is looking pretty good on the current setup. Oh yeah, and my favourite thing about this bike is the sound! It sounds like a grumpy little race bike.
  15. Nah man, I’ve got a .5mm on there now, a .2mm on the way and am going to pick up some copper gasket spray today too.
  16. Got my cylinder back from the machine shop and plopped it back into place this evening. It runs a lot better than before! I'm going to play with headgaskets tomorrow to fine tune the squish and then head off to a straight road for a few plug chops. If it goes well then all I need to do is: brake shoes, front tyre and get the lights working properly / hard wire some shit.
  17. Fitted a kick stand from @Yowzer's A100 parts hoard. I was getting sick of always using the centre stand - this will be much more suitable for parking on grass around the east coast. Somehow it feels more like a "real motorbike" when it's leaning on the kick stand: Gave the exhaust a quick coat of black: Cleaned up the original head. It had a bit of a ding from the clip failure, but has cleaned up OK. I'll run these back to back and decide which to use once the cylinder is back from machining.
  18. Buttons sound interesting. I'm planning on using better clips though. The one that fell out was a single ring with no tab to grab when installing/removing it and I'd bent it slightly getting it out. It wasn't 100% seated in its groove but I decided to run it anyway... and then it decided to exit stage left. Not going to do that again .
  19. RIP 50cc cylinder: looks like it lost a wrist pin clip which gouged its way out... the rod and everything inside the crank case looks fine and there’s a small ding in the head. This 65cc kit better start working better, plan B just flew out the window .
  20. That's a good idea. I'd been wondering if the chamber was causing bad things to happen in the mid/high rpm, so I'll give it a go when the 65cc kit is back from the machine shop.
  21. That. Took it for some test hoons with the 50cc cylinder today. Managed a top speed of 83kph on the GPS which isn’t too bad. Rode it out to @mark105‘s place and it was going well.... until the way home. It stopped in Ohaupo and I couldn’t get it going again. Will pull it down tomorrow and figure out what happened.
  22. Got the seat re-covered thanks to @64valiant. Dropped my cylinder off for machining this afternoon. I decided to concert back to 50cc until it’s back.... WOW, the 50cc setup goes way better than the 63cc kit does... hopefully everything comes right after machining.